Although you’re not physically here for your birthday Maria; I wanted to make a wish for you today. So no matter where you are today, I want to send my love to you.

First Birthday After Maria’s Death

Since this is the first birthday your family and friends will be without you; you have been on my mind a lot. In the first place, your brother and I wish you were here. Indeed, we want to hear your voice and laughter.

As a result of your departure, your family and friends will be thinking of you today. Visit Maria Mota’s Heavenly Departure post.

When you think about Maria today; remember her for her love of  her family, friends and all of her favorite musicians. Because, you may not know how to act today, try to remember the “Happy Moments” you spent with Maria.

Happy Birthday Maria

Although there are no physical gifts today; the memories you left behind of happiness and music will be on my mind. Above all, I hope you’re doing well in heaven up above.

So, today I hope you’re with your Father and other relatives. At the same time, I hope you’re having songs by artists you love, performed all day.

I’m sending you my love and wishes today and all year-long.


No doubt, Maria’s Birthday will be a hard day for her Husband, Jorge. After speaking with Jorge at length recently; he shared his love story with me. First and foremost, Jorge was very emotional and at a place in his life where he takes things day by day.

By and large, Jorge referred to Maria often in the conversation as his “Queen”. Moreover, there was nothing Jorge wouldn’t give to Maria. When he was selecting a headstone, he wanted something that would depict Maria’s memory and their beautiful life together. When you arrive at her headstone at the cemetery; you will see the intricate work of an Angel and a beautiful picture showing their love for each other.

To sum up, I wish you a Happy Heavenly Birthday Maria. Today, when you think about Maria, treasure the memories of your time with her.

Happy Heavenly Birthday Maria Mota!