September is Healthy Aging Month. So, this is the month to focus our attention on getting older. Now is the time to get started on implementing better health.

Healthy Aging Month

In the first place, this month was started by Caroline Worthington, Editor of Healthy Living Magazine. With a new season, now is the time to make changes. For everyone 45 and older, are you ready to revitalize yourself? Well, let’s turn the page and start taking control of our well-being.

Since Summer is behind us, it is time to work on taking measures to improve all aspects of our lives. Be sure to read my Celebrate Self Improve Month post. No doubt, we are all looking on ways to improve ourselves. But, how many of us actually implement changes to improve our quality of life.

Celebrate Healthy Aging Month

Well, don’t fret as I have ways for you to get started turning the wheels in motion to help you have a positive outlook on aging. First and foremost, age is just a number. When was the last time you stopped thinking about your age? For example, if your best year was in your teens, twenties, or thirties – try to remember things you liked best about that period in your life.

Indeed, aging isn’t just for Seniors. It impacts each of us. The trick is to keep our body and mind active. Are you ready to implement a few changes into your daily routine? First, start each day with a smile. Second, implement exercise into your life. Because many of us are busy, carve out a few minutes a few times a week for exercise. Be sure to read my Best Fifteen Minute Home Workout post for some ideas on exercising for a short duration of time.

If you have negative people in your life who complain a lot, drop them. Now is the time to get rid of clutter. Avoid Negative Nancy’s in your life. As hard as it may be to say goodbye to a friend; sometimes it is important to distance yourself from those who do not have the same view-point as yourself and bring out the best in you.

In my opinion, it is important to surround yourself with people who lead to positive things in your life. Ultimately, individuals who have higher levels of energy tend to make you happier. Of course, higher energy will lead you to more opportunities.


For example, by unleashing your passion in life, you will be more fulfilled. So, put yourself in a happy zone.

In summary, do you have a positive outlook on getting older? After all, what you put into your life, is what you get out of it. Live your best life!

As always, I welcome your comments.

Happy Healthy Aging Month!