International Women’s Day Bold 2017 Campaign is a powerful message. When I was a little girl, I experienced boys picking on me. Because boys were bigger, I was scared. As I grew up, I remember becoming bolder in my approach to dealing with the male sex. With this in mind, the message for International Women’s Day 2017 is a powerful one.

International Women’s Day Bold Campaign

International Women’s Day is calling on everyone to unite to form a better world. In the same fashion, it is important to create a gender inclusive world. Of course, gender neutral should avoid discrimination and that one gender is better suited for a role than another.

In reality, Men have changed. Throughout the years, Men have shown examples on how to treat Women. Although, there is good and bad in both sexes, it is important to realize change. Gender neutral is creating a better world. Also, our attitude and influence has changed.

There are better ways to exist today. Today, it is more realistic to have a positive outlook. Also, the World Economic Forum¬†says the gender gap won’t close until 2186. Of course, that is too long to wait. We need to build a powerful and fair world.

Be Bold for Change

International Women's Day Bold Campaign

International Women’s Day bold campaign is important. Be bold for change is about taking action for Women. By creating positive changes in society, we can all benefit.

Furthermore, it is important to understand what being bold for a change means. In the first place, we need to:

  • Be bold
  • Celebrate each other, diversity and culture
  • Become fearless
  • When you have something to say, speak up. Be courageous.
  • Also, it is important to stand up for your beliefs, issues and people.
  • By being bold, we’re acting unafraid.
  • In addition, it is important to join forces. By joining with other organizations, there is more strength in numbers.
  • If you have to stand on your own, don’t be afraid.
  • Overall, be positive.
  • Try to avoid negativity. Avoid as much negativity as possible. If someone is being negative, try to shift your focus and find something positive.
  • When you’re bold, others will surround you. By being a role model, you will be showing self-awareness and confidence. Of course, others will pay attention.


As Women grow and advance in the world, other nations will notice. Because it is important that we collaborate not only today, but every day to help Women reach their potential.

In conclusion, “Be Bold For Change”.

How will you be celebrating International Women’s Day Bold Campaign? To sum up, let’s do what we can today to help everyone unite and achieve gender equality.