When you think about Spring and flowers; Jo Malone’s English Fields will have you thinking about all the fragrances with an enchanting scent often found in the countryside.

Mathilde Bijaoui

Jo Malone’s newest collection was created by perfumer, Mathilde Bijaoui. As a perfumer, Mathilde is known to use cutting edge ingredients to create unique fragrance collections. With this latest collection; her fascination came from the color, ingredients and texture in the British countryside. In the same fashion, she came up with the concept of blending the countryside and bottling it.

Jo Malone English Fields

Jo Malone’s English Fields is a new limited edition collection. At the same time, this collection follows the Bloomsbury Set. Visit my Jo Malone’s Bloomsbury Collection to read more about this collection. There is something about the scent of fruit, flowers and the harvest that are intoxicating.

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So the five fragrances are a representation of the British countryside scenery with grains and flowers everywhere. Honey & Crocus Cologne is soft and warm. Ultimately, this fragrance reminds you of lavender honey with traces of a condensed creamy syrup to balance out the floral tones.

Jo Malone English Fields Limited Edition

When you think of Poppy flowers; they don’t have a scent in association with this particular flower. Consequently, to create Poppy & Barley; figs and flowers were added to create a warm, yet soft fragrance.

Jo Malone English Fields Limited Edition

In the same fashion, Green Wheat & Meadowsweet will have you thinking about Spring. When everything seems to blossom; this fragrance represents a fresh breeze. No doubt, this fragrance has a fresh and clean scent.

Jo Malone English Fields Limited Edition

So Oat & Cornflower has hazelnuts and is enhanced with sweet tobacco which gives this fragrance a fresh earthy scent. Personally, this fragrance was one of my favorites in the collection.

Jo Malone English Fields Limited Edition

Are you ready for sunshine? Indeed, this fragrance will have you thinking of the sunshine while being outside. In addition, this fragrance has primroses, corn, coconut and mimosa to enhance a sweet, yet earthy scent.

Jo Malone English Fields Limited Edition


Jo Malone’s English Fields limited edition fragrances are available now. Similarly to all of Jo Malone’s collections; you can mix each scent with other fragrances. When you’re shopping this new collection; let me know your favorite.

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