Of course, fashion trends come and go. If you have shopped in stores such as Forever 21, H & M and Zara, you know they’re able to immediately bring a few looks from the runway. Not to mention, these retailers have accomplished this in just a few weeks.

Fashion Trends

So, how do stores know what will sell each season. While many stores struggle with what to buy for their customers, these fast fashion stores capitalize on trends. At any rate, they produce merchandise they think is going to be hot, quickly and at low price points.

Although the majority of retailers commits to various products 6 months ahead of schedule, others are able to capitalize on trends within a month or less. You may wonder how this is possible? With several retailers getting deliveries daily, they’re able to capitalize on the latest trends in the market.

Fashion Copycats

Indeed, over the last decade, we have seen many retailers produce merchandise at an alarmingly fast rate. Are these “Fast Retailers” hurting the mom and pop and specialty retailers? Because the fashion industry has a reputation of copying designers, Women are snatching up these knockoff designs quickly.

In the meantime, we have seen Women mixing and matching high and low price points. Consequently, we have even seen many designers jump on the bandwagon. With many designers collaborating with labels and retailers, we’re seeing limited edition collections frequently. Of course, we have seen this done at Target and H & M, as well as many well-known brands.

Life Cycle of Fashion Trends

So, how does a retailer or designer know when something is a hit? Or, when to move on? When does someone decide something is out of style?

When you think about Mens’ Fashion styles, it seems there are longer shelf lives. But, Womens’ fashion trends change regularly. In my opinion, a fashion trend sticks around for 3 seasons. Of course, that isn’t always the case.

In any case, I was not a fan of the socks and sandals trend. Visit my Socks Sandals Fashion Faux Pas post. Although everyone has their own style and taste, some trends seem to fade quicker than others.

Since many individuals cannot afford a new wardrobe every time styles change, there are ways to make your wardrobe always remain up-to-date. When a style no longer has a fresh appeal, you can add a few key pieces to your wardrobe to have a stylized look current.

When I’m shopping for new items, my personal taste level is first and foremost. To sum up, I recommend always having some staples on hand. By sticking to some basics, you will find there is no shelf life.

In conclusion, it is important to have your own shelf life of an item. Do you wear this often? If something hasn’t seen daylight for several years, it is important to dispose of this piece.

Fashion style is eternal. Of course, some styles last a lifetime. And others, are meant to be disposal fashion.

As always, I welcome your comments.