The long awaited closure of my beloved Sister Edie was received on the recent conviction, for the heinous and brutal murder by her estranged husband.

Long Awaited Closure

So, now that the trial is over – it is time to move on. But, not forget. For me, this horrible event took place on Monday, November 16, 2015. To read more about this horrible tragedy; be sure to visit my Monday Edie post.

When this trial came to a close, it was with a sigh of relief. Not only did my Sister Heidi and I get bad colds; but in the days following the murder conviction, I’ve had many sleepless nights.

Edie’s estranged husband was found guilty of second degree murder; and received a sentence of life with eligibility for parole in 22 years.

So, if you’re wondering why he didn’t receive a conviction for first degree – it came down to questions about premeditation. Since mental illness is a huge issue; there needs to be much more done to decrease the risk of someone committing a violent crime. To read more, check out my Mental Health Awareness Month post.

As taxing as the last three plus years has been; I feel I’ve had some long awaited closure to this horrible nightmare. In fact, there were things that were brought up in the trial that no one knew about. To learn about someone fighting back in the last seconds of their life was as hard to hear; as when I first saw Edie at the hospital.

Long Awaited Closure – Future

As for the future, I’m slowly trying to put back the pieces. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about Edie.

In conclusion, I want to focus my energy on health, happiness and love. In my opinion, I don’t want to continue to focus on the dysfunction and negativity. Of course, it is important to live your life in the moment. By living each day as Edie is still with me helps. Of course, she really is in so many ways.

Although the trial and sentencing is over, there may be future hearings I will need to attend. But by remembering Edie for her love and strength – will help me move on knowing justice was served.

As always, I welcome your comments.