Lynne’s blogging journey began in April 2015. What initially started off as something fun to do after I closed my Women’s Wholesale Apparel Sales Office has become so much more.

Lynne’s Blogging Journey – Beginning

So, in April 2015,  I transitioned my website to a blog site. Since I received positive feedback, I decided to pursue this avenue on a full-time basis.

First, I hired a professional Web Developer in the Summer of 2015 to expand my site. After a few months, I became more familiar with keywords and branding.

Lynne’s Blogging Journey – Transition

Also, as I became proficient in WordPress, I expanded my site from Fashion to a Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog at the end of 2015. Because I had a “Passion for Fashion” I wanted to share my experience and knowledge in the fashion world with everyone.

After Edie was killed in November 2015, I changed. Of course, life brings change. Since I realized I wanted to write about other topics, I changed my Website to LRB & Associates Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog. By changing this, I was able to write about other topics.

Lynne’s Blogging Journey – Where I am Today

At this moment, my work is spent on my own blog site and I am a freelance blogger and writer for several companies. Although my work is diversified, I try to limit myself on the amount of projects I accept.

Because I work solely on my own, all of the work I do requires ideas, research and time. Due to my being an Employer in my prior business; I’m not looking to hire employees again.

Of course, one of the things I enjoy the most, is I can write anywhere, anytime. With my blogging and freelance work, I’m starting to make a monthly income. Although the money isn’t what I would like it to be; I’m enjoying this work too much to stop.

Lynne’s Blogging Journey Vision

So, now I have officially been at it for two years. In the same way, one of my biggest goals is to drive more traffic to my website. Furthermore, I hope to acquire more subscribers.

As always, I welcome your comments.