Maria Mota’s heavenly departure was yesterday. Although many of us knew what was going to happen, our minds were not ready to accept her death. Due to the cancer spreading, nothing could have prepared her family and friends for her final moments.

Maria was too young to die. She was 54 years old and the light of her family’s life.

Maria Mota’s Heavenly Departure

Because someone we love has departed for heaven, saying goodbye came with a lot of tears. As we mourn the loss of Maria, it is important to remember her for her kind heart, passion for music and love of her family and close friends.

Now, Maria rests in peace, as God blesses her and she is carried onto the next world.

My Goodbye

For me, Maria and I grew close over the last several years. Of course, there will be a lot of things I will remember about Maria. Maria was a woman who loved to talk about various Musicians and concerts she hoped to go to. Despite, her love for music, Maria was a simple woman.

Maria had a big heart. I remember sitting next to her holding her hand two weeks before she died and her Husband, was on her other side. She told her dear husband, Jorge she loved him so much. At the same time, Jorge told Maria he wished he could trade places with her. Their love story began when Maria was 17 years old.

Although, the wake and funeral were emotional, today I will remember Maria for the person she was. The special conversations Maria and I had will always bring a smile to my face. Although Maria is no longer physically here, she will be forever in my heart.

Going Forward

Since grief hits each of us different, there is no right or wrong way to handle a loss. In the same way, grief of a person helps us cope and heal.

As you move forward, it doesn’t mean you forget about the person you lost. When I lost my Sister, Edie, in November 2015, not a day has gone by that I don’t speak to my Sister. By putting things back together little by little doesn’t mean you don’t miss the person any longer.

As difficult as a loss is, death is inevitable. Although the death of Maria has saddened us, we can remember her in memory always.

Maria Mota’s Heavenly Departure Goodbye

So, heaven is gaining an Angel.  Our relationship doesn’t end with “goodbye”. In conclusion, the love and memories will be with us forever.

As always, I welcome your comments.