So, Married at First Sight Charlotte premieres tonight. Are you ready for a new season to begin? After last season’s bad pairing of Kate and Luke; it will be interesting to see if the experts learnt from this couple’s bad relationship. To read more about last season, be sure to check out my Married at First Sight Decision Day post.

Married at First Sight Charlotte

After last season’s experiment of having four couples; the producers decided to continue with four couples. As this show continues to grow in popularity; viewers don’t have to wait too long to be introduced to the new couples.

So, the first couple is Iris Caldwell and Keith Manley. Keith comes from a family of strong marital unions. Both his parents and grandparents have long term unions. Because he doesn’t believe in divorce; he is committed to the ups and downs of marriage.

Although Iris doesn’t have parents that are still together; she remains close to both her Mom and Dad. Ultimately, Iris has old fashioned values and is a virgin. Will Keith be the one for her?

Next is Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson. Since Jamie is 35 years old; he is hoping to find his forever after and hoping the experts match him with his life long partner. Elizabeth has focused on herself for the last two years. Is she ready for a long term relationship?

The next couple is Deonna McNeill and Gregory Okotie. Deonna was raised by two parents who are still together and she has a great career; but knows something is missing. Enter Gregory who grew up in a single family household and though he has great career; he is a believer in science and hopes the experts match him with his forever partner.

Finally, the last couple is Amber Bowles and Matthew Gwynne. Amber is an intelligent woman who is a hopeless romantic and hoping the experts find her the right guy. Since Matthew has traveled everywhere as an International Basketball Player; he is hoping to find a marriage that will survive the long distance travel. Will Amber be open to traveling with her husband?

Arranged Marriage Story

Since arranged marriages are now resonating with many; I recently read a book that reminded me of Married at First Sight. In this book, Courtney Jane Sallinger was sick of the dating scene; so she signed up for However, prior to her marriage; she begins a special friendship with a bartender at one of her favorite water-holes. At the same time, as she develops feelings for Josh Dalton; she begins to begins to have mixed feelings.

After they have several dates, Josh realizes Courtney is the one. Consequently, he tries to convince Courtney to date him and not go through with Arrange me. Although Courtney decides to follow through with the process with Arrange Me; what happens on the day of her wedding?

Does Courtney go through with her marriage? What happens to Josh? To read more, I highly recommend this fun, quirky, romantic book.


Married at First Sight Charlotte

In conclusion, I’m looking forward to learning if these couples decide to stay married or get a divorce.

As always, I welcome your comments.