Married at first sight decision day was last week. So, every season the couples have to decide whether to stay married or get a divorce. To read more about this season, be sure to visit my Married at First Sight Philadelphia post.

Of course, the show tries to not let the cat out of the bag on whether the couples stay married or not. Have the couples made up their mind before decision day? Or, are some couples not sure what they are going to do until they enter the room with the experts?

Married at First Sight Decision Day

First and foremost, this season was different. Instead of three couples, this season had four couples.

So, the first couple that makes a decision is Stephanie Sersen and A.J. Vollmoeller. Although, they have come across fairly happy; Stephanie did have concerns about A.J.’s temperament. However, they have both decided to stay married and they seem like they’re in it for the long haul.

Next couple to make their decision is Jasmine McGriff and Will Guess. Since I found it hard to get a read on their marriage, I didn’t think this couple would stay married. And, I was right. Although Jasmine said she wanted to stay married; Will said he wanted a divorce.

Next couple to make their decision was Kate Sisk and Luke Cuccurullo. Because Luke comes across very cold to Kate throughout the experience; I didn’t see this couple lasting. At decision day, Kate’s decision is for them to go their separate ways. Also, Luke also wants a divorce.

Finally the last couple to make their decision is Kristine Killingsworth and Keith Dewar. From the beginning, their marriage had some serious sizzle. In my opinion, this couple seemed to click on all cylinders right away. They both decided to stay married.

Married at First Sight Decision Day – Reunion

Now that three months have gone by since Married at First Sight Decision Day; the couples reunite in the reunion special hosted by Kevin Frazier.

So, the first couple Kevin speaks to is Stephanie and A.J. They are happily married and travelling before they start a family. The next couple Kevin speaks to is Jasmine and Will. Although the two of them have spoken since the show has ended; they are divorced.

Next, Kevin speaks to Kate and Luke. Since there were rumors circulating all season long that Luke is gay; this was addressed right away. Because Luke’s profile says he is interested in men and women; Kate doesn’t buy his excuse that he did it as a joke when he was in college. Clearly, someone who has many gay friends would certainly not find this funny. So, the question is; why is Luke hiding his sexuality?

Happily, Kate has moved on from Luke and is in the early stages of a new relationship and has since been promoted in her job.

Finally, Kristine and Keith are last. And, they are still as happy as ever. At the end of the show, it was revealed they are buying a home together.

Next – Married at First Sight will begin in June in Charlotte. Until then…

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