Married at First Sight starts tonight. So, this season comes from Boston. Since this is coming from my neck of the woods; I’m excited to see how the series plays out.

Married at First Sight

In the first place, I have been watching this series for the last several years. Although you may wonder who gets married to a complete stranger; this series continues to have success. In the same way, all of season’s five couples decided to stay married. Visit my Married at First Sight Season 5 Reunion post to read more about the series.¬†Although the couples from last season were still together at the season reunion; two of the couples have since filed for divorce.

Because many of us enjoy watching couples meet and marry at the altar; this show continues to have success.

Married at First Sight – Season 6

As the same as prior seasons; this show will take place with 6 individuals meeting their match at the altar. In the same fashion, this season’s couples will be from Boston. To summarize, at the end of the eight week experiment, each couple must decide whether to stay married or get a divorce.

By the same token, this season’s experts are Dr. Jessica Griffin, a Psychologist based in Boston. In addition, Sociologist, Pepper Schwartz and Pastor, Calvin Roberson will return as experts to the show.

Although many of the relationships from this series have ended in divorce; many couples have made it work.

Married at First Sight – Season 6 Cast

So on season 6, we will see Jaclyn Schwartzberg meet and marry Ryan Buckley. In addition, Molly Duff will meet and marry Jonathan Francetic and Shawniece Jackson will meet and marry Jephte Pierre. After the couples marry, we will see them experience their wedding and honeymoon. As the couples return from their honeymoon, we will see them settle into everyday life.

At the same time, cameras are following the couples in their every day lives. Who will stay together? Who will get a divorce?

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