Mindful eating is about making healthy choices.   Mindful choices are about eating complete meals including sides, salad or soup and entrée that is nutritious, tastes good and keeps you satisfied.  When you pay attention to ingredients and nutritional information on food, you will be better educated about foods that are healthier long-term.

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is important in maintaining a healthy and well balanced diet.  Some ways to make the most of your meals and diet are:

  • Eat good fats.
  • Stock up on vegetables and fruit.
  • Skip added sugar.
  • Pay attention to food labels.
  • Be careful on your carb intake.
  • Prepare recipes that are healthy.
  • Eat only when you’re hungry.

The cookbook featured below is by Miraval Resort and Spa in Arizona.  Miraval’s powerful vision is about life being more meaningful and enjoyable when one’s physical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual components are in balance.  They are the pioneer of mindfulness in every aspect of life.  This cookbook has balanced recipes which helps you learn how to have a better balanced every day diet.

mindful eating

Mindful eating is a way to manage your diet and weight by eating healthier every day.

Mindless Eating

Mindless eating is something that most of us have done.    How many times are you watching television and snacking on potato chips or m & m’s?   During a commercial break – you see the bag or bowl empty.  You may get up again and walk into the kitchen looking for something else to munch on.    Many individuals are bored, anxious, stressed and reach for food without realizing it.  Some ways to prevent mindless eating are:

  • Pay attention to what you’re eating.
  • Take your time eating or drinking.
  • Savor the taste and flavor.
  • Sit at the table to eat.
  • Take a little longer to finish your meal.
  • Know when you’re hungry.
  • Stop eating when you’re full.

Be careful on your food intake.  Mindless eating can derail your diet and lead to a weight gain.  Mindful eating will have you eating healthier overall and lead to better health and diet.