So November is known as Movember. In the first place, the importance of this month is to raise awareness for Men’s Health.


Although you may not be familiar with the meaning behind Movember; today’s post will bring you up to speed. Because Men in general experience long-term health issues; the importance of this month is to help Men everywhere.

Above all, this campaign runs the entire month of November. Consequently, this month Men are urged to grow mustaches and beards. First and foremost, the goal of this organization is to raise funds for Men’s health issues such as mental health, prostate cancer, testicular cancer and other common health issues. No shave November is a web-based non-profit organization to support cancer prevention and research.

How to Get Involved?

In the same fashion, the goal of this month is to grow a mustache or beard. Make sure you put down your razor this month. As a result of growing facial hair; you can set up your own personal No-shave November fundraising page. If you’re not ready to grow facial hair, support someone who is.

No Shave Rules

First, you need to put down your razor for thirty days. Second, donate your monthly maintenance fee and expenses to the cause. For example, razors, shaving cream and grooming expenses. Also, it is okay to groom your mustache or beard.

Female Participation

Although the goal is mainly for Men, Women are encouraged to participate. If you want to participate, put down your razor and skip shaving your legs for the month.

Movember Support

Whether you participate or not, it is important to donate and offer your support. To date, The Movember Foundation has raised $650 million and is funding over 1,000 programs in many countries. Indeed, the effort by the foundation helps improve and save the lives of Men everywhere.

Make sure you talk to your Man about scheduling a doctor’s appointment. Also, it is important to encourage any Man you know to get to know their body. If there are changes in your skin or you notice anything different; make sure you schedule an appointment with a Physician.

As always, I welcome your comments.