Not only is today the first day of November, but also it is National Author’s Day. So, if you’re not familiar with this day; it is a day to celebrate and recognize your favorite Authors.

National Author’s Day

Of course, this is a day to read your favorite books. However, if you’ve ever thought of writing your own book; today is the perfect day to start writing.

Trust me – this isn’t easy.

Although I’m a blogger and freelance writer; when I wrote my first book, it took me a lot of time to decide what I wanted to write about. When I decided to share my favorite recipes that I created; it took me a lot of time to organize my content.

If you’re a foodie or open to testing some recipes; make sure you read my book below. This book includes fun recipes to share with your family and friends.


National Author's Day 2019

In my second book, I shared the back story of the book I published last week in my Cortship Book Launch post. Be sure to read the post to see how this book came together.

The Cortship was a labor of love and required a lot of time and effort. With the perfect blend of comedy, romance, loss, and reconnecting; you will feel like you’re part of this story.


National Author's Day 2019

How to Celebrate National Author’s Day

Whether you’re an Author or know someone who has written a book; why not show the person you know appreciation.

If you’re inspired to start writing a book; the first thing you need is a story. After you research and develop the story; it is time to organize your content. Indeed, this is time consuming and requires a lot of patience.

Whether you’re an accomplished writer or a beginner; most writers struggle from time to time with writer’s block. Of course, I have encountered this many times. When this happens, I usually stop what I’m doing and take some time to regroup.

So, some ways to enjoy National Author’s Day is the following.

  • Purchase a book
  • Read a new story or reread your favorite book
  • If you have a relationship with an Author, recognize their accomplishment.

As always I welcome your comments.