So, you may be asking yourself “What is National Husband Appreciation Day”? Well, no one really knows how this holiday started. Today’s post will help you show your Hubby why you chose to marry him.

National Husband Appreciation Day

In the first place, you may have nothing formally planned. First and foremost, shower him with affection and love today. In the same way, make today all about him. Whether you have something planned or not, let him decide what he would like to do today.

Celebrate Husband Appreciation Day

Are you ready to get creative? Send him a romantic, silly and sexy text message today. Of course, don’t forget to personalize it and send either attachments or a lot of emojis. No plans to go anywhere today. Well, that’s okay. Prepare his favorite meal today.

Heading out with friends or family today? However, before you head out, try to spend some alone time together. For instance, if your hubby likes sports, try to join him in shooting some baskets. Or, play tennis. Also, you can go to the gym or take a walk or hike. No matter what you end up doing today, make it fun and special and about him.

My Husband Appreciation Letter

Since I know my Hubby reads my posts most mornings, I wanted to start the day off with a note to him in appreciation of all the things he does. Because I have had a lot going on lately, I wanted to make sure you know how much I appreciate everything you do for me.

Moreover, thank you for putting up with me. But, most importantly thank you for always cleaning up in the kitchen after I have made dinner. Indeed, I don’t like cleaning the counter and stove. Of course, you do a much better job at it, than me.

Thank you for working so hard day after day, and giving me the opportunity to start a new line of work. Thank you for being such a great husband and always believing in me. Also, for listening to my endless stories and keeping me on my toes when I need it most.

In summary, thank you for being so damn good looking and having that incredible body. And, should I talk about your arms or ass – hmm!!

Since you know how much I like to talk, I could go on an on. But, my road brought me to you. And, I wouldn’t change one turn or make any detour that wouldn’t take me directly to you.

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How Will You Celebrate Husband Appreciation Day

In summary, I am taking my Hubby to a restaurant tonight for some one-on-one time. Of course, I would love to hear your stories on how you will be celebrating Husband appreciation day.

As always, I welcome your comments.