National Ice Cream Sandwich Day is today. So, all you need to know is – do you prefer chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or something all together different?

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day 2019

Last month was National Ice Cream Month; so, today is a perfect way to start the month. Be sure to check out my Celebrate National Ice Cream Day post.

This holiday started in 1889 by a pushcart vendor in the burrows of New York. When this first started, vanilla ice cream was pressed together by two thin graham crackers.

Back in July 1900, the New York Tribune published an article about this vendor and how he made ice cream sandwiches quickly. Did you know this sold for a penny? Certainly, the price has gone up since.

And, voila – there began this popular treat.

Celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day 2019

Since we’re in the Dog Days of Summer, there is no better way to celebrate the hot weather than with an ice cream sandwich. And, if you’re looking for other ways to cool down; be sure to check out my Dog Days of Summer Tips 2019 post.

If you’re worried about the calories, you can always devour a mini sandwich. Less is more. This sandwich maker is easy to use. Of course, this will make yummy treats. You may even want to splurge for another one.


National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

Whether you’re a cookie or ice cream lover; are you ready to make your own? In the first place, all you need to make your own is either cookies or wafers. Next, you can use an ice cream machine or buy your favorite flavor and sandwich the ice cream in between.

Once, this is done, you can add chocolate chips or sprinkles. Finally, put this in your freezer until this is firm. Usually 15 – 20 minutes should suffice.

Another option is to buy Nestle Toll House in a tub. This is an easy way to bake delicious chocolate chip cookies. Scoop your favorite ice cream in between the two cookies and freeze until firm.

In conclusion, grab your favorite ice cream sandwich today.

Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!