National lashes day is today. So, are you ready to have some fun with your eyelashes? Whether you have natural eyelashes or want to try false eyelashes today; have some fun with your eye shape.

National Lashes Day

Eyes are the window to the soul and for many, eye extensions provide a way of enhancing your eyes. Indeed, many women are looking to enhance their beauty. With much attention to many television personalities and celebrities; this continues to be one of the biggest trends in the beauty industry.

So, this day was started by House of Lashes. House of Lashes wanted to have this day to promote animal cruelty free products as well as have everyone look and feel beautiful.

National Lashes Day – Health

Eyelashes are important to most Women. Did you know eyelashes provide many health benefits? Consequently, your eyelashes help keep particles out of your eye. However, there are several issues that are associated with eyelash health such as:

  • Abnormal growth of your eyelashes that can be painful to your eyelid
  • Madarosis is when you lose your eyelashes.
  • Inflammation of your lashes which can cause infections
  • Parasites are when your eyes are infected with crab louse

Moreover, many people have a condition known as Trichotillomania. At the same time, this is a disorder that has people pulling out either their eyelashes, scalp hair, or other body hair.

National Lashes Day Recommendations

Since eyelash extensions have become much more popular; many individuals spend hours in Salons to lengthen their lashes. Because I have tried eyelash extensions, I’m not a fan. In my opinion, it requires a lot of time laying still and having fills every 2 – 3 weeks.

When I stopped the refills, many of my natural lashes fell out. To grow them back, I applied eyelash serum daily.

If you never want to worry about false eyelashes again, try this serum. Not only is this product made with good ingredients; but you will also see your eyelashes and brows grow back in approximately sixty days.


National Lashes Day February 19

Are you looking to use an all natural serum? Not only is this serum all natural and have no harmful chemicals; but also you will see eyelash growth in approximately sixty days.


National Lashes Day February 19

To read more about eyelash growth, check out my Amazing Eyelash Growth post.

In conclusion, don’t take your eyelashes for granted. Make sure you take proper care.

As always, I welcome your comments.

Happy Lashes Day!