National Retro Day is today. So, this day began on February 9, 2018 by Hermelinda Aguilar, Robert and Tina Duran to take us back to days without smartphones, social media and the internet.

National Retro Day

Not only is this day about living in the present; but also remembering things from the past. Of course, every generation is always remembering things that happened. And, wondering why we no longer have some of these things available.

In essence, there were more phone calls and face time in the past and less time on the internet or texting.

Celebrate National Retro Day

When you think about doing something retro, what comes to mind? Did you like the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s? Were you a fan of roller skating? Or, did you attempt to do the moonwalk?

So, are you ready to celebrate? Whether you like retro fashion styles, cars, music or shows; celebrate National Retro Day by doing anything you want today. Also, make sure you share it on social media with the hashtag #NationalRetroDay.

National Retro Day Styles

In the same fashion, if you like retro fashion clothes, wear something chic. However, if you don’t have any styles available; why not wear this retro inspired swing dress? Not only is this dress ideal for almost any occasion; but it is also available in 25 different color combinations.


National Retro Day February 27

For additional styles, be sure to check out my Vintage Inspired Spring Fashion Story post.

Are you a fan of shabby chic and retro music? Both retro record disks and music marry in this fun and colorful coaster set ideal to protect your furniture or to use as a decoration.


National Retro Day February 27

Whether you like old-fashioned pieces or looking for retro vintage pieces to wear or decorate your home; this trend is growing.

In summary, fashion, jewelry, music and old movies are on the rise. As this retro trend continues to be retrospective for many; this style continues to resonate with many generations.

As always, I welcome your comments on how you will be celebrating National Retro Day.