National Women’s Friendship Day is today. So, this day was created by the Kappa Delta Sorority. This day is all about celebrating special friendships among Women.

National Women’s Friendship Day

When you think about your friendship; what comes to mind? Are you the type of person who makes time for your friends?

Of course, you don’t need a national day to celebrate your friendship. However, this fun holiday is a way to let your friends know how special they are.

From the time I was a little girl; I have found surrounding myself with good friends is important to me.

When Edie was killed; I learnt many didn’t understand what I was going through emotionally. For this reason, several friends I considered part of my life changed. Unfortunately, the loss I experienced changed my life forever.

Although it has been almost four years since I lost Edie; the trial reopened many wounds. Be sure to visit my Long Awaited Closure March 2019 post.

Celebrate National Women’s Friendship Day

In short, there are some fun ways to celebrate this day.

  • Whether you both have busy lives or not; plan something today or for another day to get together
  • If you’re both into making things; participate in a class. For instance, there are several art, cooking and craft classes available all over the world.
  • Since many of your friends have young kids; plan some time to get together to meet while your kids are in school. If you have toddlers, invite your friends over for a glass of wine.
  • Send out a fun quote about your friendship on social media.

Power of Women’s Friendship

In the spirit of women’s friendship; there truly is something to be said about some of the most important relationships in our lives. Be sure to check out my Friendship Makes Life Sparkle post to read about some of my friendships.

With this fun day, I have thought about some of my friendships; both past and present. Sadly, some relationships end.

Whether you have grown apart or realize that the friendship is one-sided; some relationships may stifle you. Even if you have a friend who is no longer part of your life; it is important to remember the significance they had at one point.

Relationships are important for our growth. Of course, some friendships will be part of our lives forever. And, others are fleeting. Indeed, friendships change over the course of our lives.

Some people grow apart and others grow together. In the same way, not all friendships are meant to be forever. Sometimes we need to walk away. Because you walk away doesn’t mean you didn’t value the friendship. Sometimes, it means these friendships were short term and you grow and become a better person.

In essence, it is important to remember your friends – past and present.

Finally, sometimes moving on is the right thing to do. It doesn’t mean you stop caring for the person; typically it is just time to move on. This is a lesson I continue to learn each and every day.

I value the friendships I have and hope to continue on my journey in developing my women’s  friendships and of course, making new friends.

How will you celebrate National Women’s Friendship Day? As always, I welcome your comments.