New England Patriots win their sixth Super Bowl after a lackluster first half. So, if you missed the first half, you really didn’t miss much. Finally, the second half changed and the game became more exciting.

Super Bowl LIII Review

Of course, no Super Bowl could be without any drama. And, there was plenty. When 74 year old, Gladys Knight was signed onto sing the National Anthem, she found herself in a bit of controversy.

Due to Colin Kaepernick suing the NFL for saying the owners kept him from playing for his protests on police brutality in opposition of people of color; not only did Gladys not address the controversy, but she delivered a classy performance.

New England Patriots Win

After the first half, the Patriots led by a score of 3 – 0. At the same time, Super Bowl LIII was all about the defense.  Neither the Patriots or the Rams had a great offensive game.

With seven minutes remaining in the fourth half, the first touchdown of the game was scored by Sony Michel.

New England Patriots Win Sixth Super Bowl

To read more about how the Patriots started their dynasty, be sure to check out my Super Bowl Game Plans post. Surprisingly, their dynasty began in 2001 against the St. Louis Rams, and eighteen years later; they won against the Los Angeles Rams.

So, even with the name change, the Patriots have now beat the Rams twice in Super Bowl appearances.

Since this is the New England Patriots sixth Super Bowl win since 2001, what is next for this team? Because this was the Patriots third straight Super Bowl appearance; will they make it four in a row?

In summary, I loved when the Lombardi Trophy was presented and Robert Kraft honored both Bill Belichick and Tom Brady for 18 years of dedication. Also, he said they wouldn’t have been able to do it without both of them.

Although Julian Edelman started the year with a four game suspension; he ended the year crowned the MVP for Super Bowl LIII.

As always, I welcome your comments on the New England Patriots win.