No-Shave November has begun. So, are you ready to grow a mustache to raise awareness for Men’s health? Are you ready to share your favorite facial hair tips?

No-Shave November

With the cooler weather here, this is the ideal month to grow some facial hair. And, if you see Men sporting facial hair, it may not only be because of the cold weather; but to raise awareness for Men’s health.

Since its inception in 2009, this non-profit organization has raised funds to grow awareness for Men’s cancer and health related issues. In the first place, the goal of this organization is to grow your hair. Are you ready to get involved?

By growing your hair, you can do two things. First, you can donate the money you would usually spend on shaving products or services to a cancer prevention charity.

Visit my DONATE NOW page and all monies go directly to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute/The Jimmy Fund. To read more about this organization, check-out my Red Sox Jimmy Fund Telethon post.

Second, you can shave your hair and when the month is over, you can donate your hair to a charity.

Celebrate No-Shave November

Meanwhile, beards aren’t your fashion style. What about growing a mustache? Although this month is usually about Men, Women can get involved. How? By putting down your razor. Secondly, don’t shave your legs for the month.

Show your support for No-Shave November in style by wearing this fun beard T-shirt.


No-Shave November Health Awareness

No-Shave November Rules

Nevertheless, the rules are simple. Simply, put down your razors for the month. Don’t shave. At the end of the month, donate any money you would have spent on grooming your facial hair. Or, ladies – legs.

And, if you have a dress code at work, don’t worry. You can still get involved by trimming your facial hair. Or, donate anyhow. Of course, participation is optional. Ultimately, the goal is to save lives.

So, are you ready to give your razors the month off?