Pantone’s 2016 fall fashion colors are a combination of confidence, complexity and strength.  Since we are in the thick of things with a heavy Presidential race, there are a lot of opinions worldwide.   Furthermore, Pantone has made for the second straight year the same color forecast for both Men and Women.  Of course, a sign of gender dressing and the popularity of dressing in unisex styles.

2016 Fall Fashion Colors

Top 10 2016 Fall Fashion Colors are led by optimism, strength and tranquility.  Moreover, the colors were primarily in the blue family anchored with earth tones and vibrant pop colors.

Pantone's 2016 Fall Fashion Colors

Blue Family

      • Riverside – Due to blue being evident in the fall color palette, Riverside was introduced as a cool, calming stable color.  It is sophisticated while bordering on excitement
      • Airy Blue – Designers were seeking a lighter color based on all the conflict in the World.  Airy Blue is the fall version of Serenity.  This is the perfect color to pair with neutrals as well as use as an accent piece.
      • Sharkskin – While there is an edge to this color, it remains a neutral color for the Fall/Winter season.  Sharkskin was used in outerwear, turtlenecks and easy lifestyle separates.  The color shows practicality with a contemporary vibe.

Red Tones and Exotic Color

    • Aurora Red – Everyone likes red.  Aurora red is bold, yet pleasing to the eye.  The color is warm with sensual undertones
    • Warm Taupe – Taupe is a timeless color.  This fall’s warm taupe is an embracing shade.  Warm taupe will be in abundance for the fall and winter season.
    • Dusty Cedar – This color is an update of all the spring and summer pinks.  In addition, this color is an updated version of Pantone’s color of the year, Rose Quartz.  It gives a warm and welcome vibe.
    • Lush Meadow – This color brings botanicals and foliage to life.  Lush Meadow is rich, elegant, sophisticated and vibrant.  In addition, this color resonates with shoppers “Green Lifestyle.
    • Spicy Mustard – This color is vibrant, yet exotic.  Spicy Mustard spices up Yellows of the previous season.  First Lady Michelle Obama recently wore this color to a State of the Union address.  I love the depth of this color.  This color will surely spice up your wardrobe.
    • Potter’s Clay – For anyone loving earth tone shades, potter’s clay is sophisticated, yet neutral.  Potter’s Clay hints at orange and brown while evoking fall foliage.
    • Bodacious – Due to all the pink and purple colors, bodacious is turning into this season’s vibrant color.  This color speaks to the gender fluid fashion crowd.


Politics and world events are impacting color.  In conclusion, gender fluidity is speaking to Designers.  What are your favorite colors for Fall and Winter 2016?