Patriotic Fashions are right on trend this year.   July 4th is Independence Day and is associated with parades, carnivals, family picnics, baseball games, beach parties, cook outs, fairs, fireworks and ceremonies celebrating the history, government and traditions of the United States.

Patriotic Fashions to wear

If you want to embrace the holiday without going overboard and still stay true to the independence day theme, there are many cute fashions to wear.  Also, some like to dress in patriotic gear and go full stars and stripes head-to-toe.  Furthermore, you can still remain true to the holiday by wearing an accessory, T-shirt, stripe shorts, T-shirt dress with a flag motif, or your nails painted red, white and blue.  In addition, I always get a manicure and pedicure with my nails reflective of the patriotic colors.

The dress featured below will get you in the spirit.    Represent America by looking stylish.  The dress is perfect for any national holiday, sporting event, and any party.  It is a cute style to look chic all day and night.

Patriotic Fashions

The infinity scarf featured below is the perfect accessory showing your spirit.  This works well with a white t-shirt and can be worn year around.
Patriotic Fashions

Things to do July 4th

Many cities and towns have big firework celebrations and festivals during the holiday weekend.  Every year I look forward to attending the Marblehead Festival of Arts celebration.  Marblehead offers the artisan market, film festival, concert at Crocker Park and fireworks at Deveraux Beach.

Boston offer Boston Harborfest, July 1st – 4th.  In addition, the Festival includes walking tours, concert, historical reenactments, visits from the United States and foreign naval ships, harbor cruises, State House tours and fireworks.

Hence, many families plan big family gatherings to celebrate the long holiday weekend.  Also Cookouts, Beach parties, bon fires and fireworks are some of the most popular happenings.  July 4th is one of the biggest vacation weeks of the Summer and many take this week off to take trips to coastal areas.

I hope you enjoy the long 4th of July holiday weekend.  In conclusion, Celebrate your patriotic style by wearing something reflecting red, white and blue.

Happy 4th of July Holiday!