Remember Maria Mota. After Maria was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last Summer, she underwent months of treatment and multiple surgeries, but lost the battle yesterday.

Pause and Remember

In the first place, grief is the one thing that has the power to shut us down. Although conversations tend to pause and many don’t know what to say, death is something that will touch us all one day.

Since we all know cancer isn’t an easy topic, it is important to show support. After I lost my Sister, Edie, Maria and I grew much closer.

So, today, let’s remember Maria Mota for her courage, humor and love for her family and friends.

Remember Maria Mota

For me, seeing my Sister-in-law go through fighting this horrible disease was heart wrenching. Throughout Maria’s diagnosis, she went through several surgeries and rounds of chemotherapy, yet she remained positive throughout her battle.

Not only did Maria show grit and determination throughout her battle with cancer, but she showed compassion for others.

Last month, Maria’s daughter, Jessica organized a team walk in support of her Mother. Visit my Support Mota Strong Cancer Walk post.

Maria’s Journey

When my Husband and I recently returned from a Vacation and went to the hospital to visit Maria, she was excited that she had been approved for a new treatment. Unfortunately, Maria’s condition took a turn for the worse a few days later. She never had the opportunity to take this experimental treatment.

Pause and Remember Maria Mota

So, today when you’re thinking about Maria, remember her for the love and courage she showed throughout her battle.

For anyone, death doesn’t come easy. Before Maria died, she told many family members she was dying and going to heaven and would see her Dad.

Today, brings a day to remember Maria Mota with love.

Maria’s family is meeting with the funeral home for the wake and funeral arrangements. As always, I welcome your comments and any stories and memories you wish to share.