Red Sox celebrate their third consecutive title last night with a win at Yankee Stadium. Since I’m a big Sox fan, I was hoping they would have won in Game 1 of the series. But, a win is a win!

Red Sox Celebrate with a Win in New York

Of course, it was nice to see the Sox win. Since the series started, I was watching the games patiently. After they dropped the first two games to the Yankees; I was happy to see them put up a run in the first inning of last night’s game.

Unfortunately, Eduardo Rodriguez didn’t come with his A-game. When Rodriguez was pulled, he left the bases loaded and Heath Hembree gave up a grand slam to Giancarlo Stanton.

With the Yankees taking the lead 6 – 4, the Sox clawed their way back into the game. First and foremost, Steven Wright has been great out of the bullpen. And, once again he did his job. He kept the Yankees from putting up any more runs and the Sox won the game 11 – 6.  Also, Mookie Betts going 4 for 5 and having 5 RBI’s helped secure the win. No doubt, his performance will help secure his bid for the American League MVP.

Red Sox Celebrate

So, with the Red Sox being in a bit of a slump this month; it was nice to see this celebration happen in their rival’s backyard. To celebrate this victory in New York meant a lot to the team.

After dropping the first two games of the series to the Yankees, it was nice to say that the third time proved to be the charm.

When the teams’ last met, the Red Sox were in control. To read more, check-out my Red Sox Dominance Against Yankees 2018 post. Since the calendar turned to September, the team’s offense has been in a slump.

However, last night’s victory should energize the team.


Now, that the Sox have clinched the division; they can focus their energy on getting ready for the playoffs. Of course, there is a lot of work that needs to be done to prepare for October ball.

Will this year’s Red Sox celebrate being the World Series Champs?

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