Red Sox Home Opener was yesterday. After beginning the season with a 3 – 8 record; I was excited for the Sox to turn things around.

Red Sox Home Opener

Since my Nephew didn’t attend the World Series parade, I had the pleasure of taking him to opening day game. To read more about the World Series, be sure to check out my Boston Red Sox Win World Series post.

Because the Sox went from Florida to Arizona, to Seattle, California and back to Arizona before returning home; I was hopeful that their World Series hangover would improve once they were back home.

Since Spring Training, the Sox have been playing sub par baseball. As I mentioned in my Boston Red Sox Expectations post, this team was hoping to win back-to-back champions.

However, this team has started the season playing awful. Be sure to check out my Red Sox World Series Hangover post to read about their bad start to the 2019 season.

From the starting pitching, defense and a lack of clutch hitting; this team’s record is now 3 – 9. So, yeah – they have only played 12 games; but these ugly losses are starting to pile up.

Red Sox Home Opener Celebration

Ultimately, the day started with highlights including prior Red Sox players, the Boston Pop’s Orchestra performing “We are the Champions” and the New England Patriots Champions throwing out the first pitch.

Although the day started with a celebration for the 2018 team; Chris Sale didn’t bring his A game. For Sale’s third straight start, his ERA is now 9.00 and his record is 0 – 3. Not only did Sale give up five runs before the game turned to the bullpen; but the relief pitchers couldn’t keep the Jays from scoring.

Surprisingly, before today’s game, both the Blue Jays and the Red Sox were tied for last place in the division. After the Blue Jays won, the Red Sox are in the cellar with the worst record in the American League. Of course, it is only 12 games into the young season. With 150 more games to go in the regular season; the Sox need to right this ship.

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