So the Red Sox opening day begins today in Tampa Bay, Florida. Since the weather is always unpredictable in April; I prefer the team to open up on the road.

Red Sox Opening Day

Although the Red Sox start their season in Florida, consequently they also play the Rays on opening day in Fenway Park in Boston on April 5th. While the 2017’s season opened with a lot of new faces; this year’s team was not as active in acquiring new players. Indeed, one of the biggest changes was replacing John Farrell with Alex Cora as the team’s new manager.

Because I’m a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan, I’m looking forward to the regular season starting today.

Red Sox Opening Day Excitement for the Upcoming Season

With the team finishing in first place in the American League Eastern Division the last two years; will they be able to repeat this year? After last year’s Sox team was last in home runs in the American League; the Sox are looking to change that this year. Because of the under performing Sox offensive team last year, they are hoping many of the players will have a better offensive year.

Now, that there has been changes with a new team manager, and the acquisition of a power bat, the Sox are hoping this team goes the distance in their quest for another World Series title. By adding J.D. Martinez, the Sox have a chance of producing the power they lacked last season after Ortiz retired. Visit my Red Sox Acquire J.D. Martinez post to learn more about the difference his bat could make to this line-up. Also, I think his leadership and skills will provide a positive influence to some of the team’s younger players.

Sox Opening Day

In summary, today is game 1 of 162 games. As we baseball lovers know, anything can happen during the season. Will the rivalry heat up between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox?

As always, I welcome your comments on how you think this year’s team will do?