Clearly, the Sox playoff struggles were evident in both Friday and Saturday’s games. Although the Red Sox won the series opener with a score of 5 – 4, I had some reservations after seeing Friday nights game. Check out my Boston Red Sox Home Field Advantage post to read more about this series.

Red Sox Playoff Struggles

In Friday’s game, Chris Sale started the game. And though Sale went into the 6th inning of Friday night’s game with a shut out; he was pulled from the mound and from there the bullpen was a mess. As the game went on, I was nervous they were going to lose the game.

By the time, Craig Kimbrel entered the game, the score was 5 – 3. Since Kimbrel hasn’t been as good in the second half of the season, he gave up a home run to Aaron Judge  in the 9th inning. In summary, the Sox squeaked by with a win with the final score being 5 -4.

Sox Playoff Struggles – David Price

When Saturday rolled around, I was hoping for more offensive production and a better bullpen performance. Because the New York Yankees have had David Price’s number; I was hoping he would be better on Saturday night. However, that wasn’t the case. Price gave up three runs in less than an inning and 3/4 and was removed from the game.

Although the bullpen was better than Friday night, the Sox bat’s were cold. Joe Kelly was the bright spot of the night pitching 2 1/3 scoreless innings. And, than Eduardo Rodriguez had a mistake by not covering first base and gave up a three run blast. Final score was 6 – 2.

Ironically, the Red Sox were the only team in the division series to lose a game at home.

Red Sox Next 2 Games in New York

After New York beat the Sox in Game 2, Aaron Judge played “New York, New York”. Of course, this received a lot of attention from the Sox Players and Coaches.

Now, the Sox will play the next two games in New York. After Saturday night’s loss, there are talks about Price heading to the bullpen.

With the games tied at one a piece, the pressure will be on the Red Sox. Will Nathan Eovaldi continue his dominance of the Yankees? No doubt, it is crucial for the Sox to win one game in New York.

Will the Red Sox playoff struggles continue? Of course, I would like nothing more than the Sox to win the next 2 games, but not sure if that will happen.

As always, I welcome your comments.