No doubt, the Boston Red Sox are starting their season with a World Series hangover. After 108 wins in the regular season; the Sox are off to a slow start.

World Series Hangover

In 2019, the Boston Red Sox had the most runs in baseball. Not only did they have a lot of production at the plate; but their pitching was impressive. To read more about the Sox road to the championship; be sure to visit my Boston Red Sox Win World Series post.

So, what happened? In Spring Training, the team entered the season with the hope of repeating as World Series Champions. However, the team didn’t have a great record in Spring Training.

Red Sox v Seattle Mariners

Although the Red Sox scored 24 runs in their first four starts; the teams starting pitching is awful. All five of the starters have lost and been taken out of the game early. How poorly has the team played? The Stats for the first four games paint the picture of how hung over the players still are.

  • In Game 1, Chris Sale lasted three innings. When he departed, he gave up seven runs and three home runs.
  • For Game 2, Nathan Eovaldi lasted longer than Sale; but gave up six runs and three home runs in five innings.
  • In Game 3, Eduardo Rodriguez gave up six runs and one home run in a little over four innings.
  • For Game 4, Rick Porcello didn’t fare any better. In fact, his performance was awful. In two innings, he gave up 9 runs and one home run.

World Series Hangover Continues

After Seattle, the Sox headed to Oakland. In the first game of the series, David Price made his debut. Although he lasted longer than the four prior starters; he still gave up four runs before leaving the mound.

Now that the first five starters have pitched, their ERA is over 11.0 and they have given up eleven home runs. Ironically, the one big concern of the season was the bullpen and overall the relievers have done a good job in keeping the team in the game.

Since the team’s dismal start, a series win against Oakland would help right this ship.

Will the team continue their starting pitching struggles? Poor defense? Hopefully, the team has the right dose to get over their World Series hangover.

Of course, the best way to cure this hangover would be to tackle their issues head on and start the day fresh. Indeed, a good breakfast and water will help them quickly recover.

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