While relaxation is one of my goals for my upcoming vacation, I’m also hoping to return to my everyday life with a new purpose.  Since it feels good to get a lot accomplished, it also feels good to set aside some time to relax.

Because 2015 was one of the worst years of my life, my Husband and I put off a Vacation for the year.  As we head to Aruba for the week, I’m looking forward to a relaxing romantic vacation to recharge my batteries.   While my first time to Aruba followed my wedding, it has since become one of my favorite places in the world.

Aruba is known as one happy island.  Beautiful beaches, trade winds and friendly people are a reason to return often.


How many times do you wake up early and start working right away?  While many of us start our day checking email and messages, we go to bed doing exactly the same thing.  Relaxation leaves us the opportunity to leave everything behind.  First of all, napping and vacations boosts our productivity.  Of course – it also benefits our health.

Relaxing protects your heart.  Studies have shown reducing our stress level is key to overall performance.  Relaxation helps you make better decisions.


Looking to reignite the spark of romance.  Getting away together offers you the time to retreat and get cozy.   Honeymooning in Aruba is where it all began for my Husband and I.   Vacations are known to improve your sex life.  Romantic vacations are sure to keep the flame burning.


Time away gives you the opportunity to come back productive.  Due to the circumstances surrounding 2015, I’m looking forward to getting away.   Time is so important.  While we cannot increase the hours in the day, we can learn to take time to relax.

Vacations are a positive reinforcement for many.   Sleep in, Stay up late, nap during the day and leave the stress behind.  The importance of vacation is to give us the opportunity to leave everyday things behind.  Furthermore, leave the work behind.

When you return from vacation, your sure to feel renewed.  One of my goals is to leave my writing behind.  When I return, my goal is to finish Edie’s manuscript, The Cortship.  I hope to have this ready for publication in November or December.  Stay tuned.


In conclusion, vacations are meant to be enjoyed.  When we feel recharged, we are able to be more productive and feel more energized.

I’m looking forward to my week in sunny Aruba.  I will not be checking messages and emails during my vacation time.  After Aruba, I will be planning future trips the remainder of 2016.