Shin Lim, winner of America’s Got Talent performed at the Chevalier Theatre this past weekend. When a close friend of mine mentioned this to me; my husband was familiar with this magician and was excited to see him live.

Shin Lim

First and foremost, Shin Lim’s known as a hand artist. So, what I first learnt about him was he began playing piano at a young age. After being diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome at the age of 20; he stopped his education in music.

Since Shin loved magic and always practiced as a hobby; he decided to pursue a career as a magician. In 2016, Lim appeared on Penn and Teller Fool Us, season 2. Surprisingly, he was able to fool these well known magicians not once; but twice when he returned in season 4.

As Lim won many awards for magic shows; he took his career to the next level. In addition to winning America’s Got Talent; Lim also won in card magic at the 2015 Magic Olympics.

Obviously, America’s Got Talent has had many fantastic winners over the years. Since we saw Sal Valentinetti last year in concert; we are going again this year. To read more about Sal, be sure to visit my Sal Valentinetti Cabot Theatre Performance post.

Shin Lim – Chevalier Theatre Review

First, let me start by saying I wasn’t impressed with the Chevalier Theatre. Not only is the theatre badly in need of an update; but this theatre doesn’t have accessible parking. Luckily, after driving around for a few minutes; my hubby and I found a parking space not too far from the theatre.

Also, upon entering the theatre; we encountered poor ushers. Clearly, they weren’t happy to be there and they pointed us in the wrong direction to our seats.

When we entered the theatre – I requested a program and was surprised to hear they didn’t have any available. Although we had orchestra seats, I couldn’t even see the stage or screen well. The seats are uncomfortable and cramped.

In my opinion, this theatre wasn’t the right venue for a magic show. In the opening act and throughout the show, another magician performs. Not only did I find the opening act enjoyable; but I thought he brought comedy to his performance.

Throughout his performance, Lim performs moves with his tricky fingers. He has is own choreography and performs all of the routines with audience participation, as well as on his own.

At the same time, Lim is only 27 years old. Not only are his routines magical; but you really wonder how he was able to make something happen.

Although I was impressed with his talent; I didn’t think the theatre or his performance was conducive to a theatre. In my opinion, his performance would be much more enjoyable on either television or a video.

After the show ended, we dined at Bistro 5 to top off a fun afternoon.

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