So this season, skin exposed fashion trend is a home run in Women’s fashion. Now, hitting Cities and Towns everywhere –  the Peek a Boo Trend is hitting the Runway and the Streets.

In the first place, when I was growing up; my Mother always wanted me to be dressed appropriately and not show too much skin. Show and Tell is a good thing when it comes to certain things. However, is it in fashion? Additionally, this season, we’re seeing styles with high slits, cutouts in the garment, and plunging necklines.

Skin Exposed Fashion Trend

What I love about this trend is you can have fun with fashion. Of course, you can wear styles that enhance or show some skin. Moreover, styles are showing up with cut out sides, backs and midriff. However, it’s up to you –  show as much skin or as little as you’re comfortable with.

Many Designers have used sheer insets and mesh to cover the exposed cut out. Moreover, many styles are daring. While recently dining out at a Restaurant in Boston with my Husband; I noticed the Peek-a-Boo dresses on the Hostesses and saw the admiration they were receiving by other Diner’s. Peek-a-boo was a game we played as children. But now as an adult, we can partake in this trend with these strategically placed cutouts exposing skin. Plunging necklines, high slits, are a demure way of showing this peek-a-boo trend.

Sexy, Subtle, Daring, Risqué – key words associated with this trend.  As the weather warms up – less clothes are worn. So, we can be demure with an open back, one shoulder style top, a dress, or an off the shoulder top, or dress. If you want to be bold – you can wear a dress showing skin in the midriff area, sides or exposed back.

Will you be embracing skin exposed fashions this season?

What are some of your favorite looks about this trend?

In summry, the skin exposed fashion trend is being seen in many styles. Of course the choice is yours.  Have fun with this trend!

As always, I welcome your comments.

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Skin Exposed Fashion Trend