Spring Summer Pantone Colors are playful, uplifting and vibrant. So, every season Pantone Color Institute creates new colors we will see in magazines, fashion and this seasons trends.

Spring Summer Pantone

For the most part, this season’s colors depict confidence and spirit. Not only are these colors creative; but they can enable you to come up with some fun combinations. Because there is so much change happening in the world; it is great to see colors that are empowering.

In the same fashion, the Spring Summer Pantone colors are about taking us to new places. This year, we have seen remarkable changes in the entertainment industry.

To read more about this, check out my recent 2019 Golden Globes Entertainment post to read about the strides happening, as they are calling for more Women in leadership roles.

About the Spring Summer Pantone Colors

Spring Summer Pantone Colors 2019

  • Fiesta – So, this is a lively color that radiates energy, excitement and passion.
  • Jester Red – Hence, this color adds depth and intensity. When you think of jester red, this color embraces gender neutral as the future of fashion. To read more, visit my Gender Fluid Fashion Trend Happening post.
  • Tumeric – This is a lively orange shade that infuses brightness for the Spring/Summer season.
  • Living Coral – To read more about the color of the year, check out my Living Coral Pantone post.
  • Pink Peacock – No doubt, this is an exciting color with a lot of appeal.
  • Pepper Steam – When you think of this color, it will have you ready for a walk or hike.
  • Aspen Gold – Indeed, this color will brighten your day. Not only will this color have you thinking of a bright sunny day; but also stimulates joy and good cheer.
  • Princess Blue – This bright shade of blue has me thinking of the seaside.
  • Toffee – An earthy color that is great for your home or wardrobe.
  • Mango Mojito – Are you ready for a refreshing burst of flavor?
  • Terrarium Moss – In my opinion, this color reflects the changing foliage. In addition, this shade is gender neutral and is great for anytime of the year.
  • Sweet Lilac – Above all, this shade reflects a softness. Are you thinking about rainbows? This magical shade creates a nice accent for your wardrobe or home.

Spring Summer Pantone Neutral Colors

In every season, there is a need for classic colors. And, this season doesn’t disappoint.

  • Soybean – No doubt, this color is a neutral that will appeal to almost everyone.
  • Eclipse – When you look into the sky at midnight; this color reflects a hint of mystery.
  • Sweet Corn – Because everyone likes neutrals; this color is a mainstay that can easily transition season-to-season.
  • Brown Granite – A timeless and classic color that depicts strength.

In essence, the Spring Summer Pantone colors feature a lot of choices. So, there you have it  – this seasons colors.

Let me know your favorites?