Support Mental Health Month! Personally, this is a difficult topic for me to discuss; however at the same time, it is important to support this disease.

Support Mental Health Month

Since 1949, Mental Health America wants everyone to understand this disease and how to live with any condition that impacts your mind. At the same time, one of their goals is to end a stigma and negativity.

Many of us have encountered someone at one point or another in our lives who have mental health issues.

Did you know that one in five individuals will be impacted by this disease in their lifetime? In addition, one in six individuals experience some type of issue, such as anxiety or depression in a week.

Unfortunately, there is a stigma associated with this disease. When it comes to health, this is an issue that people need to understand. By seeking help, you have the power to heal.

So, the best way to understand this disease is to understand that all types of health issues are important to our well being. To read more about this, be sure to check out my Social Wellness July 2018 post.

Mental Health Impact

Since many may not be aware that I was impacted by my ex brother-in-law who killed my sister, Edie. After my Sister, Edie lived with her ex’s illness for several years; it was a sad day for myself, my family and Edie’s friends when we lost Edie.

After waiting over three plus years, finally we went to court in February for this case to be tried in court. Of course, reliving this heinous and brutal murder, reopened a lot of emotions. To read more about the trial; be sure to visit my Long Awaited Closure March 2019 post.

Whether you or someone you know experience any type of depression or emotional health issues; you can take the biopolar screening test.

Moreover, don’t let your symptoms impact your life. Seek help and don’t let a manic phase rule your life. Indeed, it may be a challenge for you to overlook your mood changes; but don’t keep these things bottled up inside.

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