I went to a surprise Jack-n-Jill Baby Shower.  My Husband and I were looking forward to this event.  Our niece is due to have her first child next month. Of course, they are both ecstatic to be parents. When we arrived at the Baby Shower, the Expectant Mother was in an elegant dress. Luckily, I was able to capture a photograph of my Niece with her Sister, Brother and Mother.

Family at Table

The Expectant Father asked everyone to please sit down.  Furthermore, they had a big surprise for their guests. Denise and Anderson are expecting their first child together.  They decided to turn their Baby Shower into a Surprise Wedding for their closest friends and family.   Surprise – you just walked into our wedding. Furthermore, many couples are tricking guests. Since you don’t need a registry, this is easier for the couple.  Most couples may have everything they need. If you have everything you want, this is a nice surprise.  Of course, I am ecstatic for the couple and parents to be.  If you haven’t been to an event like this, I hope you have that element of surprise to look forward to in the future.

Additionally, these new “Surprise Weddings” are part of a big trend.  In fact, many couples are doing away with the tradition of planning a big wedding. Denise and Anderson made this event special due to their unique style. Also only a few people knew about this. Their element of keeping this a secret certainly turned out to be one.  Of course everyone had a surprised expression on their face.  If I had known I was attending a Wedding,  I would have worn something a little dressier.   Many Women were in beautiful dresses at this event.  Of course everyone was ecstatic to celebrate in Denise and Anderson’s joy. My Husband and I were happy to celebrate at this Event.

In conclusion what do you think about these surprise events?  While we have all been to surprise parties, what do you think about surprise weddings? Have you been to one?  Do you like surprises?   On the positive side, this was a fun event.

We wish Denise and Anderson a lifetime of memories and love.

White Dress
Grey Dress Peek a Boo
White Blouse Grey Skirt