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Best Sun Protection Skin Products

The best sun protection products in today’s post are some of my picks for the way to go this season to protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. In light of this month being Skin Cancer Awareness Month; it is imperative to practice safe sun. To read more, be sure to check out my Melanoma Monday May 6 2019 post. […]

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Anti-Aging Skin Care Recommendations

With the skin care industry in America alone being a multi-billion dollar industry, anti aging is becoming more important. In the first place, everyone is spending money on beauty products, topical creams, Botox and other surgical enhancements. Anti Aging Skin Care First and foremost, we're seeing many Women in their 60's and 70's back in print ads. No doubt, these Women are inspirational. At 70 years old, Maye Musk is the oldest Cover Girl. In fact, Women are making strides everywhere. Indeed, #TimesUp has played a big part of Women getting the respect they deserve in the beauty and entertainment industry. Ultimately, Maye Musk is setting a trend for the beauty industry to embrace older Women. No matter what your age is, beauty is important. Consequently, the beauty industry is making changes in regards to anti aging. And of course, by having Maye Musk as a Cover Girl, she is inspirational to everyone worldwide of all ages. Diversity has never been more relevant than now. Check out my Healthy Aging Month post to read about the importance of staying youthful. New Anti Aging Trends Meanwhile, one of the biggest trends in skin care is facial yoga. This involves lifting, sculpting and toning your facial muscles to help counter saggy and puffy skin. Also, there are facial gyms in which Aestheticians stretch your skin to give you a more toned look. Another trend catching on which many Women are opting for instead of Botox is Sculptra. Not only is Sculptra ideal for Women who don't like needles, but this facial filler gives your skin a fuller and more toned look. Since I first learnt about this from my Aesthetician at Luxe Beauty Ink, I have been  hooked. Anti Aging Skin Care Recommendations Are you looking for the best products to reduce dark spots, lines and wrinkles? Well, good news is I found some anti aging products that really work. In particular, the facial care product below will reduce wrinkles and have your face looking younger and firmer. SHOP NOW Another great product to try is Kiel's pure vitality. This [...]

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