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23 05, 2019

Boston Bruins v St Louis Blues Stanley Cup Final

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Boston Bruins v St Louis Blues will match up in the Stanley Cup Finals. So, the last time these two teams faced each other was in 1969 and 1970 in the finals. Indeed, a lot has changed since than. […]

25 04, 2019

Boston Bruins Second Round Playoff Review

By |2019-04-24T16:46:38-05:00April 25th, 2019|Sports|1 Comment

The Boston Bruins second round begins tonight. So, after defeating the Toronto Maple Leafs for the second straight year; the Bruins will host the Columbus Blue Jackets. […]

25 03, 2019

Boston Bruins Clinch Playoff Spot 2019

By |2019-03-24T06:49:44-05:00March 25th, 2019|Sports|0 Comments

Boston Bruins clinch a spot in the playoffs with a 7 – 3 win over the Florida Panthers on Saturday night. Before they clinched a spot; the day began with Zdeno Chara signing a one year extension. In addition, the team called up Karson Kulhman. […]

22 03, 2019

Sports Inspired Fashion Styles

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Sports inspired fashion styles are having a moment. When you think of the popularity of baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer; you’re sure to find fashions that relate to your favorite sport. […]

18 10, 2018

Best Sports Month – October 2018

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Best sports month for any fan is October. No doubt, no matter what sport you love, you can find it on television. So, let’s take a look at all the sports you can tune into this month. […]

30 05, 2018

Boston Sports Teams Playoff Review

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Since many of Boston Sports Teams were in the playoffs this year; today’s post will recap how all of New England’s teams have fared this year. No doubt, Boston is one of the most exciting sports cities in the country. […]

8 05, 2018

Boston Bruins Disappointing Loss

By |2018-05-28T14:40:52-05:00May 8th, 2018|Sports|0 Comments

Regrettably, the Boston Bruins season ended with a disappointing loss on Sunday. Although the season ended with a loss, this team looks poised to be a better team next season. […]

22 03, 2018

Boston Bruins Clinch Playoff Spot 2018

By |2018-03-22T10:39:56-05:00March 22nd, 2018|Sports|2 Comments

So, the Boston Bruins clinched a playoff spot in their loss to the St. Louis Blues last night. Now, all you Bruins fans can sigh with relief as the team gets ready for the 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs. […]

26 02, 2018

Boston Bruins Trade Acquisitions 2018

By |2018-05-09T19:59:01-05:00February 26th, 2018|Sports|0 Comments

So the Boston Bruins were active with trade acquisitions leading right up to the 3:00 p.m. deadline today. With the Bruins being one of the hottest teams in the NHL; there was no surprise they were active at the deadline. Visit my Red Hot Boston Bruins Team to read more about this year’s team. […]