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Celebrate Book Lovers Day August 9

Celebrate Book Lovers Day! Today is one of my personal favorite unofficial holidays. Since I’m an fan of reading; you will find me outside with my kindle device. […]

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Psychedelic Color Fashion Trends

Because color is bolder and better this season, start with Falls psychedelic color fashion trends.    Since color is working its way back to fashion, it is an exciting time to shop.  While fall fashion trends are pushing forward, it is now time to turn to the exciting colors for Fall/Winter 2016/2017. […]

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National Coloring Book Day 2016

August 2, 2016 is National Coloring Book Day.  Especially relevant today, coloring is about relaxation.  Enjoy coloring today in the comfort of your home or find a coloring event to attend. Coloring isn't just for kids.  Because coloring has become popular for adults, it is easy to find a book to enjoy for hours. National Coloring Book Day Today is a day to relax and color.  Since today is National Coloring Book Day, it is easy to open a book and start coloring.  Hence find a spot in your home.  Get lost in a fun relaxing book. National Coloring book originated back in 1970.  Adult coloring books were created and so it began.  First off, Antique Automobiles was the first coloring book for Adults published.  Since that time, there have been new books introduced every year. While there are many choices available, find something that interests you.   Choices include: Automobiles Landscape Animals Designs Stress relieving patterns and designs Doodles Countries States Yoga and other exercises Fashion designs Fairy tales Sexual and fantasy Ocean designs Swear words Inspirational choices Ocean and sea creatures Therapeutic Benefits Since coloring is extremely therapeutic, it helps generate wellness and mindfulness.  Also, coloring has the same benefits of meditation.  Due to coloring being like Nirvana to the soul, it is no wonder of the popularity of this activity.  Creating moments of quietness has a calming effect on the brain.  Repetitive coloring helps someone reach a meditative state.  Furthermore, with so many therapeutic benefits of coloring for adults, it is time find a book. Shopping Recommendations Especially relevant is to find a book to transport you to a peaceful place.  Also coloring with music is a calm and relaxing option.  Featured below is a stress relieving book on coloring patterns, shapes and designs. Color your way to calm with the book featured below.  For the purpose of coloring, the Botanical Garden Adult includes colored pencils and a pencil sharpener. In conclusion, unleash your inner Artist today. Happy National Coloring Book Day!

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