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Nordstrom 2019 Anniversary Sale

So, are you ready for the Nordstrom 2019 Anniversary Sale? In my opinion, this sale is one of the best ways to save money on beauty, fashion for men, women, children, home decor and designer brands. Whether you’re shopping for a few items or starting your holiday shopping early; you don’t want to miss out on my picks. […]

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Attractive Men’s Spring Fashion Styles

So, what traits do you find attractive in a guy? Since you may wonder what appeals to a Woman or a Man, it may be a physical trait. Or, it could be adding a few new styles to your wardrobe. […]

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Perfect White Fashion Spring Story

Today's post is about the perfect white fashion styles for the Spring and Summer season. When you think about the color white, clean and crisp come to mind. Perfect White Fashion Color In the same fashion, there is something about wearing white. For me, white is a soft color that enhances my skin tone. At the same time, white goes with everything. You can pair white with almost any color. In addition, white is a pure, innocent color. When you think of Angels, white is the color that comes to mind. There are many variations of white: Antique white Alabaster Chalk white Cream Ghost white Ivory Lily Linen Milky white Nude Seashell Snow white Shop Perfect White Fashion - Denim You can pair white denim with a polo, halter or off-the-shoulder top. Visit my prior post on white denim. Below is a white legging jean that I live in. Furthermore, these classic denim leggings are perfect to wear as jeans or by layering. Although this style has mixed reviews, I think they're great. In addition, the white denim skinny jeans by Frame are a flattering fit in a soft fabric. Of course, these jeans will be your go-to style for the season. Also, the white denim cutoff skirt by Top Shop is perfect as the temperature heats up. In addition, this skirt will be a staple to your Spring and Summer wardrobe. Shop White Fashion Spring Dresses Indeed, there is something about wearing white for the season that brightens your skin tone. Below is the perfect white dress for the season. This is the perfect style to show off your shoulders and sun tan. Also, this dress can be worn casually with a pair of sneakers or sandals for after 5. Also, the white dress below is a sexy style to wear on date night. You will surely turn heads in this lace off-the-shoulder peek-a-boo dress. In the same way, the white lace tank dress is bra friendly and the perfect style to wear to garden parties this season. Visit my Garden Party post for additional style recommendations. At the [...]

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Vintage Inspired Spring Fashion Story

Three top Vintage inspired trends are making a comeback for Spring 2017. Although many trends take a vacation, they reemerge in another era. So, this year's big fashion trends are from the 80's and other time periods. For the most part, you're sure to find a vintage trend that inspires you this season. Vintage Inspired Music, Fashion In the same fashion, the music industry has long been rocking vintage and grunge clothing and accessories. With the recent death of David Bowie and Prince, we're seeing T-shirts, pop up in their memory. Below is an authentic design of David Bowie's 1972 World tour T-shirt with detailed artwork. In addition, the retro color Prince T-shirt below is perfect to rock the vintage inspired trend this Spring. Also, Mens rings have been getting a lot of attention. Of course, many of the music industry musicians have been spotted wearing rings with a bikers, military and Navajo edge. Vintage Inspired Embroidery Embroidery is leading the way this season. With this in mind, whatever you're shopping for, you will find this season. This is a huge trend seen in everything from bomber jackets, dresses, jeans, bags, and children's wear. Since we saw the bomber jacket be a big trend in fashion the last few years, this year's version has a remodel. Below is a velvet embroidered vintage inspired baseball jacket. In case you're looking for a touch of embroidery, step out with Stella McCartney's iconic Falabella bag with bright embroidery on cool denim.  Also, the denim off the shoulder embroidered dress below is a great style to give keep you cool this Spring. Another great dress with embroidered sleeves is below. Furthermore, this eclectic mix of new with old comes together to pull off a great style for the season. Vintage Inspired Denim In the same fashion, patchwork and embroidery are the hottest styles in denim this season. Below is an embroidered skinny jean with roses and a burst of color on a classic pair of jeans. Hence, this style will be your go-to pair of jeans for the season. You can dress [...]

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Spring Fashion March Shopping List

Today's post is about the best Spring Fashion styles to shop for this month. With Spring right around the corner, take stock of your wardrobe and make a list. In addition, my recommendations below are for some of the best pieces to buy now. Spring Fashion Bralette In the first place, one of the biggest fashion items for Spring is the bralette. Since every Women owns a bra, these new bralette styles can be worn as a top with high waist bottoms or wear it under a suit jacket, plunging v-neck dress or sweater. Below is a stretch lace peek-a-boo bra by Hanky Panky. This is the perfect style to slip over your head and comes in sizes S - L. Also, the bralette below by Free People has a plunge halter neckline. In addition, it offers support and shape to this bohemian style. Moreover, this is available in 2 colors and is at a great price point of $13.50. In addition, the styles below by Wacoal are beautiful romantic lace styles. Both styles are available in a few different colors and will be your new go-to style for the season. Oversize Handbag In the same fashion, one item I cannot live without is the oversize handbag. Of course, this season this is a hot item. Also, roses are another big trend for the Spring and Summer season. Below is the perfect hobo bag that is not only practical but the flowers and color make it the perfect spring addition for your belongings. Denim Since denim is always on trend, this season is about embellished and colorful denim jeans. You can dress up or down for any occasion. Especially comfortable, the jeans below are like your favorite sweatpants. Of course, the color pink makes this perfect for the Spring season. Express Yourself Say or express yourself with quirky statements on your tee-shirts. In view of all the fun graphics available this season, below are a few of my favorites. Below is a fun style with cuff sleeves. Also, when you purchase this style, 8% goes to suicide [...]

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Fall’s Denim Style Fashion Guide

This fall's denim style fashion guide is all about the details.  Together with tried and true favorites, it was all about the treatment and wash this season. Fall's Denim Style Since there are so many new details this season, there are a lot of shopping choices.  First, find a wash you like. Dark Indigo Black Raw Mid-Blue Forest Green Luxurious Shine Shadow Wash Patchwork Denim Details Since there are many different trims and details available this season, look for a style to "Make your Own".   Another option is instead of wearing jeans with tears and holes, try the new "Fray jeans".  Also, they look very Rocker Chic.  This season, there are many styles available with grommets and embroidery.  If you wear grommet style denim, pair it with a top that doesn't take away from the details of the jeans. In addition, two tone styles and leather accents are another option.  Two Tone is good to pair with a solid t-shirt.  You don't want to pair it with a print to take away from the design in the denim.  Leather accents are hip this season and are perfect for gender neutrality. Some details to look for this Fall season are: Leather accents Lace detail Tailored crease Cuff Faux fur Fabrics with different textures Button tabs Shopping Tips Moreover, most of us own skinny jeans.  Due to slouchy styles and wider leg offerings, change it up this season.  Buy a slouchy jean and add a platform or slip on shoe.  All things considered, add a statement shoe or glamourous top or jacket to complete your look.  In addition, switch from your jean jacket to a long denim trench coat for the Fall season. Shop In fact denim is always in style.  When shopping this season, add some newness.  Due to so many different options in denim leggings this season, I selected a few of my favorites to try.  The first style is the perfect pull on casual jean legging.  Due to the gold detail and functional back pocket, you can wear this day or night. Second style is a fashionable and [...]

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Men’s Fall Fashion Style Guide

Men's fall fashion for 2016 include everything from space age to eclecticism.  While traditional navy, black, greys and dark green are regulars, this season's stand out color was copper. Men's Fall Fashion Top Trends Stealth Bombers - Since this was a big trend started last year, it has shown no signs of slowing down. Designers stepped up their game for Fall/Winter by adding flannel, satin, velvet, wool, leather and shearling. Polo's - As seen on the runway, many are wearing this as layered over t-shirts and under suiting. Pajama Style - While strolling around, mix and match pajama shirts with jeans or pants with a turtleneck. Brown Suits - Because brown is less formal than black, copper, glen plaid and pinstripe are a big trend in Men's suits this season. New Utility -  Todays Customer wants something practical yet fashionable.  New Utility is representation of gender neutral style. Slouchy Trousers - Due to hems loosening up, trousers are wider at the hem and thigh area. Denim Trends While sophistication and a casual approach to dressing blends, denim is styled this season in New Utility.  Also, this seasons most popular washes are: Distressed Raw White Sky Blue Luster Indigo Vintage Blue Black Men love their denim.  Because it is fall, dark colors look great.  Dark wash denim is perfect for the office or going on a date.  Slim to straight fit denim is a look you cannot go wrong in. Accessories and Footwear Fashion starts from the bottom up.  Of course, men travel a lot.  Men own about a dozen pair of shoes.  While this may be the case for most men, I tend to purchase shoes for my Husband regularly.  I try to keep his shoe wardrobe up-to-date.  So, 12 pair.  What should those 12 styles be? Wingtip - perfect for business and formal attire. Dress Boots - Perfect to wear for after 5 or to dress up a suit. Casual Boot - To wear with denim or out on a hike. Loafers - Men should have 3-4 in their shoe wardrobe.  Black, Brown, Tan, Cordovan.  In addition, a red or blue loafer [...]

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Favorite Weekend Fashion Styles

Some of my favorite weekend fashion styles are clothing that takes me from running errands to beyond.  Since you tend to reach for the same comfy clothes during the weekend, try adding something new. Fashion Suggestions to wear to the Grocery Store or Farmers Market While you're running to the grocery store or a farmers market, some styles to wear are: Sunglasses, Suntan lotion and a hat help keep your skin protected while also keeping the sun out of your eye's. Denim Shorts. Boyfriend jeans. Sundress. Recycled Tote Bag Comfortable footwear Heading to a Sports Event Whether heading to watch your kids, nieces, nephews or attending a sporting event, wear clothes that keep you comfortable, yet looking chic. Team Shirt, pants or shorts. Sweat clothes or Tracksuit. Denim jeans. Tote Bag Sneakers Featured below is a unisex style perfect for sporting or casual events.   Available in over a dozen colors and patterns. Hence the white featured below is my personal favorite.  Due to this sneaker being waterproof, comfortable and non-slip, it is the perfect sneaker for both men and women alike. Weekend Party When heading to a party and wanting a look to take you from day to night, consider the style featured below.  In essence, this style is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.  While this dress is comfortable, it is also stylish.  Dress it up or down and your all set for a number of weekend activities. Date Night or Girls Night Out The style featured below can be worn with casual jeans, shorts or a skirt.  While this top is versatile, it is also chic and playful.  Perfect for a girls night out or date night with your significant other. Weekend Ideas While the above are just a few suggestions, the idea is to find something to wear that is comfortable, fashionable and fits in with your lifestyle.  Whether you're wearing distressed jeans, sweat clothes, active wear, shorts, cargo pants, shorts, or dresses, the idea is to look good.

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Treggings, Leggings, Jeggings Fashion

Treggings, Leggings, Jeggings - What is the difference?  Treggings are the latest fashion style.  While they are similar to a legging, they are also similar in style to a trouser. Treggings Although treggings are similar to leggings, they are more versatile for everyday wear.  Equally comfortable as a legging, they offer more options.   Since leggings don't necessarily work for a professional look, this new alternative is a must for working women everywhere. What are treggings?  The best way to answer is they are like a legging -  they are a mix of a legging and trouser combined.  This style is great for comfort, while giving you a well tailored and sleek look perfect for the office or for an after 5 chic look.  Fabric is thicker than a legging and usually has zipper details. Featured below is a classic style perfect to wear to work for the curvy girl.  Whatever your body type, this style is figure flattering with a top stitch waistband.  While leggings are a staple for most women, they are now available in various lengths. Leggings Leggings are a tight fitting style that is worn for active and casual wear.  They are a staple today in the majority of women's closets.  Another way to wear leggings is under dresses, skirts or with a tunic top.  Since there are different lengths available in leggings, they can now be worn longer or short. Jeggings Jeggings are similar in style to denim jeans.  Many like wearing this style preferable to denim jeans due to the stretch and feel of a legging.  In a similar way as denim, they are best suited for casual and relaxed weekend wear. How to Wear Some style tips to wear treggings, leggings or jeggings are: Seamless underwear is important. Invest in panties or thongs that have no panty lines showing. Wear a tunic, swing or flowy tops. Wear a jacket for a more tailored look. Conclusion Treggings, Leggings or Jeggings - A lot of style options available.  In conclusion, this trend is here to stay.  Since these styles won't run out of fashion anytime soon, consider shopping for treggings [...]

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2016 Fashionable Fall Denim Day

Fall is right around the corner and let me walk you through some of the best styles in denim. Denim isn't just for casual days any longer. Due to the rising popularity, new styles and washes, you can now take your style to after 5 and beyond. Denim Guide While different styles work for different body types and events, I'm going to share some of my tips today.  Since we all have different body frames and wear different sizes, some tips to help you navigate in finding the perfect styles for your body. Curvy Women Since many of us need a little extra support, a great style I like is by NYDJ.   Featured below is a dark wash boot cut jean perfect for any occasion.  Although this style works well for casual days, it works equally well for the office and after 5.  When wearing this dark wash for business, pair it with a blazer and a pair of pumps.  A button down shirt is another option to wear.  For after 5, pair it with a shimmery T-shirt, halter, or deep v-neck shirt.  NYDJ has an exclusive lift-tuck technology that slims your form within making you look and feel a size smaller. Petite Women If you're petite and find jeans being too long, consider creating a raw hem line. While cutting the hem yourself, it not only saves you money, but you're right on trend.   How to cut your own hem?  Try the long jeans on, fold the hem under and mark the length with chalk. Remove the jeans and cut the legs evenly.  With a pair of tweezers, loosen the threads. Shopping for Denim Fall clothes are trending.  Although many have a full wardrobe of various washes in jeans, consider adding the style below to your wardrobe.  Fall shades available in red as featured below and grey (not shown), are the perfect skinny jeans in a comfortable stretch denim fabric. Another option is the skirt featured below by Free People.  This style is figure flattering with vertical seams and clean styling. Featured below is a [...]

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