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Fashion Survey Subscription Contest

So, the Fashion Survey Subscription Contest that many of my Subscribers received is so I can learn a little about you. […]

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Cozy Winter Reading Books 2018

Now that the holiday season is over; you’re ready to nestle in and read a few good books. So, when it is snowing outside and you’re looking to get cozy; this post will provide some of my favorite books to read. […]

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Pantone’s 2016 Fall Fashion Colors

Pantone’s 2016 fall fashion colors are a combination of confidence, complexity and strength.  Since we are in the thick of things with a heavy Presidential race, there are a lot of opinions worldwide.   Furthermore, Pantone has made for the second straight year the same color forecast for both Men and Women.  Of course, a sign of gender dressing and the popularity of dressing in unisex styles. […]

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Sports – Fashion

Sport -  Fashion!  Sports and I go way back. When I was a little girl I loved playing kickball in my backyard. As I grew older I developed a love for baseball and tennis. In high school, I enjoyed playing tennis.  My main love affair with baseball began as a little girl when my Dad first took me to a Boston Red Sox game.  As I grew older I still followed the Red Sox religiously and developed an interest in other sports.  My Dad was always a big New England Patriots Fan.  Seeing the football game on every Sunday growing up held an appeal for me. So, every Sunday, my Husband watches the New England Patriots religiously. Of course, I've learnt more and more about football. In the same fashion, I was onto the sports trend for years.  I love wearing Major League Baseball Clothing and own many different styles.  Also,one of my favorite dresses is a polo short dress with the Red Sox Team Logo. So, today ended the regular National Football Season before the playoffs. And, I wore a pair of New England Patriots Gray leggings pairing with a Super Bowl Patriots 2015 T-shirt. Sports - Fashion Sports and fashion go together.  Designers have stepped up their styling.  The needs and lifestyle of American Women cater to casual attire.  Athletic mesh fabrics have been showing up on the back of dresses.  Last year, many designers showed athletic socks with open toe sandals. Even sophisticated clothing got into the spirit with stripes on luxury cashmere sweaters.  Some Designers went a bit more extreme. Silver metallic shorts were shown in a lot of magazines.  Track suits continue to go from day to evening.  Everything from velour, metallic and leather are being featured on Women's sports styles. Many Designers are bringing the street appeal to their collections.  I don't see this trend slowing down as more and more Women are favoring sports styles. In particular, what do you like about this trend?  In conclusion, what styles will you be wearing? As always, I welcome your comments.

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