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Celebrate Book Lovers Day August 9

Celebrate Book Lovers Day! Today is one of my personal favorite unofficial holidays. Since I’m an fan of reading; you will find me outside with my kindle device. […]

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Married at First Sight Charlotte

So, Married at First Sight Charlotte premieres tonight. Are you ready for a new season to begin? After last season’s bad pairing of Kate and Luke; it will be interesting to see if the experts learnt from this couple’s bad relationship. To read more about last season, be sure to check out my Married at First Sight Decision Day post. […]

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The Girl He Used To Know Book Review

The girl he used to know is a book I recently received by SheSpeaks. When I received this book, I was excited to start reading. […]

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National Bubble Bath Day January 8, 2019

National Bubble Bath is today! Of course, today is the perfect day to get out your bubble bath, light a candle and read a great book. […]

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The Dream Daughter Book Review

The Dream Daughter begins in 1965 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. In the first place, this novel is time travel. First and foremost, the question is what would you do to save your child? And, that is the story. […]

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Happy Book Lovers Day August 9 2018

Today is Book Lovers Day. In the first place, this is an unofficial holiday that wants everyone to pick up a book to read. So, are you ready to celebrate your love of reading? […]

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National All or Nothing Day July 26 2018

Today is All or Nothing Day. First and foremost, the day is all about taking risks. So, the idea is to live every day like it’s your last. Are you ready to be a daredevil today? […]

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Cozy Winter Reading Books 2018

Now that the holiday season is over; you’re ready to nestle in and read a few good books. So, when it is snowing outside and you’re looking to get cozy; this post will provide some of my favorite books to read. […]

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Best Summer Book List Recommendation

As an avid reader, today's post is about the best Summer book list recommendations. Whether you're looking for a good beach read or a book to entertain you this Summer, look no further. Best Summer Book Recommendation With the temperature being hot and humid, now is the time to read one of the best summer book recommendations below. When you're looking to unwind this Summer, the following books were entertaining. Visit my Vacation Book Boyfriend post for some of the best Summer Book Boyfriend's I've read this season. The Identicals So, this book takes you through two identical twin sisters who haven't spent time together in a decade. Harper Frost comes across as laid back and doesn't get wrapped up in what other people think about her. Tabitha Frost comes across as more uptight and into her image. When their parents divorce, they separate. One parent raises Tabitha in Nantucket and Harper goes with her Dad to Martha's Vineyard. Although they live apart, when their father dies, they are reunited. Will they be able to reconcile their past? Of course, there will be changes in both of their lives as they meet new loves. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and thought the Author did a great job describing both Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. Wet - Water Edge Series Meanwhile, I recently finished the Water Edge Series Books. First, I read Wet. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It had me hooked right from the start. In the first place, this book begins when Sadie learns her boyfriend she has been with for years has been video taping their sex life without her consent and sharing it with his friends, she is crushed. She moves to another area to live with her best friend. She begins a new life and meets new people. As the story develops, Sadie meets West. As they continue to encounter one another in unique settings, their story begins. Since this book ends in a cliffhanger, you have to read book 2 to see how Sadie and West's relationship continues. Soaked - Water's Edge Series Because I finished [...]

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Vacation Book Boyfriend Recommendation

Are you looking for the perfect vacation book boyfriend? Of course, vacation is for R & R. When we think of book boyfriends, we think of the male character we love in the book. […]

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