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Celebrate Men’s Health Month June 2019

Celebrate Men’s Health Month! Similarly to Women’s Health Week; this month is focused on all boys and men to seek medical advice and services for any disease and also prevent any health issues in the future. To read more about Women’s Health, checkout my Celebrate Women’s Health Week May 2019 post. […]

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Celebrate Women’s Health Week May 2019

Celebrate Women’s Health Week. Since everyone’s health is important; now is a good time to make plans to ensure better health. […]

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Lose Weight – Feel Great Week January 6 – 13 2019

Lose weight and feel great! Since this is always observed on the second Sunday of the New Year; I have just what you need to start 2019 off the right way. […]

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Healthy Aging Month September 2018

September is Healthy Aging Month. So, this is the month to focus our attention on getting older. Now is the time to get started on implementing better health. […]

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Take Your Pants For A Walk Day 2018

Today is “Take your Pants for a Walk day”. When I first heard about this, I thought everyone could have a lot of fun on this unofficial holiday. In the first place, this fun holiday is to encourage everyone to go for a walk. […]

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Social Wellness Month July 2018

July is Social Wellness Month. In the first place, it is important to take care of yourself as well as grow and nurture your relationships with others. […]

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National Women’s Health Week

This week is National Women’s Health week. Ironically, this event kicks off on Mother’s day. So, this week is a reminder for Women to take care of themselves. Are you ready to make your health a priority? […]

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National Walking Day April 2018

In the first place, National Walking Day was started in 2007. In fact, this is part of the American Heart Association to encourage healthy living. Visit my American Heart Month post for some tips on changing your diet and lifestyle. […]

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Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is about making healthy choices.   Mindful choices are about eating complete meals including sides, salad or soup and entrée that is nutritious, tastes good and keeps you satisfied.  When you pay attention to ingredients and nutritional information on food, you will be better educated about foods that are healthier long-term. Mindful Eating Mindful eating is important in maintaining a healthy and well balanced diet.  Some ways to make the most of your meals and diet are: Eat good fats. Stock up on vegetables and fruit. Skip added sugar. Pay attention to food labels. Be careful on your carb intake. Prepare recipes that are healthy. Eat only when you're hungry. The cookbook featured below is by Miraval Resort and Spa in Arizona.  Miraval's powerful vision is about life being more meaningful and enjoyable when one's physical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual components are in balance.  They are the pioneer of mindfulness in every aspect of life.  This cookbook has balanced recipes which helps you learn how to have a better balanced every day diet. Mindful eating is a way to manage your diet and weight by eating healthier every day. Mindless Eating Mindless eating is something that most of us have done.    How many times are you watching television and snacking on potato chips or m & m's?   During a commercial break - you see the bag or bowl empty.  You may get up again and walk into the kitchen looking for something else to munch on.    Many individuals are bored, anxious, stressed and reach for food without realizing it.  Some ways to prevent mindless eating are: Pay attention to what you're eating. Take your time eating or drinking. Savor the taste and flavor. Sit at the table to eat. Take a little longer to finish your meal. Know when you're hungry. Stop eating when you're full. Be careful on your food intake.  Mindless eating can derail your diet and lead to a weight gain.  Mindful eating will have you eating healthier overall and lead to better health and diet.

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Health Fitness

Health Fitness tips for the New Year.  A healthy diet starts from the inside. After going through several medical procedures last year, I was determined to get in better shape.  In March my Husband purchased a high end treadmill for me.  Every morning I begin walking on my treadmill.  I initially  started at a slow speed and shorter time duration.  Each week I increased my speed and incline and time.  I'm especially happy to say that I now walk 30 minutes four to five days a week at a good pace.  Walking at a good pace has increased my energy. Additionally, I'm in better cardiovascular shape. Health Fitness In the Summer I begun personal training at Fitness Together.  What I love about Fitness Together is the personal training.  Having to make an appointment to work out keeps me on schedule.  With the walking and personal training sessions I've started to see a difference in my body.  With the start of the New Year I hope to increase my sessions to twice a week.    If you don't have time to go to the gym there are many activities that can be done throughout the week.  Remember, a healthy outside starts from the inside. Some of the things you can do to increase your activity level are: Take the stairs instead of the elevator Take a walk on your lunch hour Participate in a physical activity Buy a workout DVD Buy some exercise equipment for home usage Health  Fitness requires a change in daily habits.  Inserting new habits into your every day life will make you look and feel better. Remember diet isn't a short term thing - it is a life style change.  Obviously, losing weight is a long term commitment.  Accordingly you should set short term goals and realize it isn't going to happen overnight. Being healthy and Fit isn't a trend or fad but a life style change. In conclusion, remember to take one day at a time and be the best you for the new year. As always, I welcome your comments.

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