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20 06, 2017

National Fruit, Vegetable Month

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Let's celebrate National Fruit, Vegetable month by eating healthy. Although many of us eat fruit and vegetables, let's increase our consumption this month. By adding more fruit and vegetables, you're going to reap more health benefits. National Fruit, Vegetable Month So this month, let's stock up when grocery shopping for more fruit and vegetables. When growing up, your Mom always told you to eat more vegetables. Well, she certainly knew what she was talking about. In the same way, have one meatless dinner per week. Meatless Monday is well-known. Visit my Mediterranean Healthy Diet and Plant Base Healthy Food post for suggestions. Shop in Honor of National Fruit, Vegetable Month With the warmer weather here, there are Farmer's markets happening everywhere. Experiment with different vegetables. At the same time, kick off your diet by exploring new flavors. Moreover, one of my favorite seasonable vegetables can be found at most local grocery stores and Farmer's markets. Step into your local store and shop for Fiddlehead. A Fiddlehead is a green spiraled fern that is high in Vitamin A, C, fiber, and Omega-3. Also, a great recipe to try is to saute with a tablespoon of olive oil, fresh garlic and ground black pepper and add to Weight Watcher's Skinny Pasta Fettucine. National Fruit, Vegetable Health Benefits Fruits and Vegetables are vital for our health. Not only do they boost our brain functions and our immune system, but they also help prevent heart disease and cancer. Of course, the more fiber and vitamins we get, the healthier we will be. How Much to Eat So, how much should you eat. Start today and make a point to buy more fruit and vegetables. If you're price conscious, look for snack sizes. Also, you can grab a handful of any vegetable. Buy cubed watermelon, cherries, and strawberries. In addition, make a vegetable or fruit platter and refrigerate. When you're home, take it out of the refrigerator and enjoy eating healthy. Moreover, add vegetables into your sauces, soup, pies, salads, wraps and sandwiches. Another tip is to puree your favorite vegetable. I always like to puree carrots [...]

25 07, 2016

Healthy Skin Diet

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We all want to look younger, vibrant and have a healthy skin diet.  Drinking a lot of water daily and eating healthier will help balance out.  What you eat in your diet is as important as the make-up and creams we apply on our skin. Salt and sugar in our food tend to be reflected in our skin.  By eating more fruits, vegetables and protein, our skin will look more radiant. The healthier we eat, the better our skin will look.  When we don't pay attention to a healthy skin diet, we will see the problems showing up on our skin. The best way to have a healthy skin diet is to have a balanced diet.  Important foods to see daily results are: Omega - Food that have healthy fats are anti-inflammatory.  Foods with Omega are walnuts, wild salmon, avocados, and flax seeds.  Eating food with Omega helps keep your skin firmer. Lean Protein - By eating lean meat, wild fish and organic chicken will help stabilize blood sugar.  Your daily diet should be 25 to 30% of your daily calories from protein. Antioxidants - Foods with Vitamins A and C help reduce inflammation and counter in skin cell damaging free radicals.  Some foods that help reduce the risk of breakouts are butternut squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes.  Kiwi and cantaloupe are good fruits with vitamins A and C. Pass on the following food serving: Sweets - By eating to much sugar, we can experience an inflammatory response.  Stay away from high sugar candy, fruit juices and sodas.  Too much sugar can degrade proteins such as skin firming collagen and keratin.   If you crave sweets, eat fruit.  If you crave a cookie, candy, or cake, eat a small amount. Processed food - Most processed foods contain to much oil and fat (soybean and canola) which can trigger inflammation. White food - Try and cut out breads, rice, pasta and sweetened cereals. Wine - Unfortunately wine has a lot of sugar.  The effect of to much wine kills good bacteria.  Try and drink no more than one glass a week. Dairy - Many dairy [...]

27 06, 2016

Fruit Inspired Fashion

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Fruit inspired fashion styles are a huge hit this season.   Everyone knows how important fruit is as part of your everyday diet.   Fashionistas are using their diet as inspiration this season. Fruit Inspired Fashion Fruits healthy ingredients have been making their way into fashion.   Bright and fluorescent colors associate with fruit are in fashion accessories and apparel.    Everything from shorts, dresses, handbags, tops and accessories incorporating lemons, watermelons, and grapes are some of summer's vibrant fashion styles. The dress below with the lemon print is the perfect style for casual wear.  Also, you can pair the style with white sneakers or a high heel sandal for after 5. The watermelon handbag below is a fun accessory to use for the Summer season.  In addition, the bag can be converted from a clutch to a shoulder bag.  Also, it will be a fun conversation piece. The  cork-covered wedge sandal below with the tropical fruity print is the perfect for the Summer season. Fruit Inspired Fabric Banana fabric is nearly carbon neutral and the fabric is similar to hemp and bamboo in texture.  Pineapple leaves are a fabric that is similar in appearance to canvas.  Also, it is great for outerwear and accessories.  Coconut Husks are another source for several outdoor clothing companies.  It is  a good choice for producing sportswear and to improve performance.  Tog24 and North Face are two brands who utilize this material. Innovations from natural sources and raw materials are in fashion.  Can clothing be manufactured using water and sunlight? Generating zero waste would be a big benefit to the environment. So even if you're not a huge fan of eating fruit, you can still fit in by wearing these fruit styles on your clothes, footwear or an accessory. Also, people are drawn to styles that capture fun and vibrancy.  In conclusion, stand out from the crowd with these fun fruit inspired fashion styles. As always, I welcome your comments.