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National Underwear Day August 5 2019

When it comes to National Underwear Day; it is about enjoying all styles and shapes of underwear. Founded in 2003 by Freshpair; the company decided this day is to celebrate your self confidence and esteem in any style you choose to wear. […]

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Happy National Relaxation Day 2018

Relax, Celebrate – today is National Relaxation Day! So, start the day by taking it easy. Because everyone is always running around, most of us forget to take a moment to chill out. […]

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National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

So, today is National Grilled Cheese Day. Although this sandwich has been around since the early 1900’s; this fun holiday didn’t start until the 1990’s. Exactly when, it’s hard to pinpoint. But what we do know, is this popular food item continues to be easy to make. […]

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