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National Underwear Day August 5 2019

When it comes to National Underwear Day; it is about enjoying all styles and shapes of underwear. Founded in 2003 by Freshpair; the company decided this day is to celebrate your self confidence and esteem in any style you choose to wear. […]

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Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day

Wear your Pajamas to work today! Of course, there is nothing like wearing a soft and cozy pair of pajamas to work. Since pajama dressing has gained momentum in the fashion industry; why not wear something comfy today? […]

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Nordstrom Early Access Anniversary Sale

So, today is day one of the Nordstrom early access anniversary sale. In the first place, if you have a Nordstrom credit card, you can start shopping today on-line or at their store. […]

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Cozy Comfortable Holiday Pajamas 2017

So, I was recently getting a blow dry at Luxe Bar and all of the girls were dressed in adorable holiday pajamas. Since they all looked so cute; I couldn’t resist asking them to pose for a photo. […]

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Lynne’s Stocking Stuffer Recommendations

With a few weeks before Christmas, you’re on a mission for unique stocking stuffer gifts. No doubt, you can stuff a stocking with a lot of different things. […]

Fall Lingerie Shopping Guide 2017

So, you’re ready for some new lingerie. After all, nothing is sexier than what is underneath our clothes. When we wear the right items; it helps us feel comfortable and look flawless. […]

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Nordstrom Anniversary Shopping Recommendations

I cannot resist sharing my Nordstrom Anniversary shopping recommendations with you. Since I already perused the catalog, I had a good idea of the items I wanted to see up close. Visit my prior post on Shop Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. So, today I headed to Nordstrom in Burlington, Massachusetts to meet up with a friend for a day of shopping. Nordstrom Anniversary Shopping As I shopped several departments in the store, I found some areas didn't have anything of interest to me. When I first entered the store, I headed to hosiery, accessories, and handbags. I didn't find anything of interest to me. Next, I headed to the Women's shoe department. For me, my favorite was the Stuart Weitzman bootie below. This bootie is in a beautiful amaretto and is very comfortable. Hint, hint to my hubby. Nordstrom Anniversary Shopping for Women From the shoe department, Rose and I headed upstairs to shop the various departments. We tried on many different items. First, one of my favorite that both Rose and I bought is the velvet T-shirt below. At the store, they only had the blue and gray color available. When I returned home, I ordered this style on-line in a pretty pink mauve color. At $22.90, this is a great item to wear now and throughout the fall and winter months. In the same fashion, I found many more offerings and color choices on-line than I did in the store. The James Perse 3/4 sleeve faux wrap dress below is the perfect style for date night. Also, this is available in three colorways. Although, both Rose and I found many different items to try on, we both ended up purchasing only a few items in the store. Athleisure for Women Since so many Women work from home and lead busy lifestyles, the athleisure trend is now a wardrobe staple. No matter what your hair color is, you will feel comfortable in the brunette or blonde heart jogger and sweatshirt below. Nordstrom Anniversary Shopping - Lingerie First and foremost, I always stock up on bra's and lingerie during the Anniversary [...]

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Shop Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

With the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale beginning today, today's post is about the best items to shop for. In the same fashion, I will let you know how to navigate this sale. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dates For many of you, you may have received an Early Access date. With the Early Access date, you can shop before the sale is open to the public. In addition, you can shop in the stores or on-line. The Anniversary Early Access date is July 13th and will last until July 20th. The sale opens to the public on July 21st and will last until August 8th. How to Shop Early So, if you want to shop early, you need to have a Nordstrom credit card.  In the same fashion, the great thing about having a Nordstrom Visa is you get points that earn Nordstrom Notes. Since there are many special events throughout the calendar year, you can earn double and triple points. By using your Nordstorm Visa card in the store, on-line, Hautelook and Trunk Club, you earn 2 points per dollar spent. If you don't have a Nordstrom credit card or want one, you will have to wait until the sale opens to the public. Or you can try to shop with someone who has a Nordstrom credit card. Navigating the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale If you're like me, you have already started planning what items you are going to buy. At the same time, I have already folded back pages in my catalog that I'm on the hunt for. So, every year, my friend, Rose and I make a day of this. Because we have already perused the catalog, we have an idea of items we're on the hunt for. In addition, many items don't make it into the catalog and can be found only on-line. Also, there are many other items in the store that aren't in the catalog. Since, I cannot resist a great sale, I'm excited to start shopping. Conclusion To sum up, I'm off to meet Rose for a day of shopping and lunch. I will let [...]

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Best Fashionable Spring Trends

With the Spring season well underway, the best fashionable Spring trends is what I’m going to share in today’s post. In the first place, I have written posts on many of the top trends this season. Visit my prior post on 80’s Fashion. In addition, visit my stripe, garden party and pajama fashion post. […]

Pajama Party Fashionable Styles

So, are you ready to have a pajama party this season. Because the trend has picked up momentum in the last few seasons, today’s post is going to show you how to rock pajama dressing. […]

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