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Celebrate Men’s Health Month June 2019

Celebrate Men’s Health Month! Similarly to Women’s Health Week; this month is focused on all boys and men to seek medical advice and services for any disease and also prevent any health issues in the future. To read more about Women’s Health, checkout my Celebrate Women’s Health Week May 2019 post. […]

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Support Mental Health Month 2019

Support Mental Health Month! Personally, this is a difficult topic for me to discuss; however at the same time, it is important to support this disease. […]

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Long Awaited Closure March 2019

The long awaited closure of my beloved Sister Edie was received on the recent conviction, for the heinous and brutal murder by her estranged husband. […]

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National Sugar Awareness Week January 2019

National Sugar Awareness Week already started on January 14th. However, it doesn’t matter the date this started, as sugar is an ingredient in so many food. And, bottom line is it is bad for our health. […]

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