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Celebrate National Pink Day June 2019

Celebrate National Pink Day today! Since pink is my favorite color; I’m all in. Although there is another day in association with pink – International Pink Day; today is all about Men and Women wearing pink. […]

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National Pink Day June 23 2018

Wow – National Pink Day! Since this is my favorite color, I’m totally all about “Thinking Pink” today. When you think about the color pink, feminine, romance, and girly come to mind. […]

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Best Spring Beauty Products 2017

With the nice weather and more time being spent outside, today's post is about the best Spring beauty products. When you're choosing makeup, there are a lot of options. Of course, your mood and what you're doing is a factor when choosing beauty products. Hence, makeup is an accessory. Best Spring Beauty Products When selecting beauty products, you want to choose the best items for your skin. For this season, there are a lot of innovative products. In the first place, let's start with your face. With the warmer weather, you want to keep your makeup light. Try using a sheer makeup that covers your flaws, yet looks natural. Nars pure radiant tinted moisturizer with an SPF 30 protects and hydrates your skin at the same time. Not only will this product protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, but also will give your skin a more natural glow. Pink for Spring So, this year, pink is having a moment. Because pink tends to flatter almost any skin tone, try a barely there pink color. If you want to add color, try a brighter shade of pink. No matter, what shade you select, this color is sure to add dimension. Below is the perfect long lasting lipstick to give you a fresh shine. In the same fashion, I tried this product and want to buy every color. I love a lipstick that I don't have to worry about touching up throughout the day. Also, this lipstick is available in 13 shades. In addition, below is a great eyeliner that blends and dries quickly. Also, it doesn't smudge. This is a great color for anyone with brown or hazel eyes. When I use my pink eyeliner, I blend it with another color and smudge together. Optimum Results Of course, we all want our eyes to pop. When I use mascara, I use a lash primer first. The trick is to count to 15 strokes and then apply over your lashes with your mascara and count to 15. By trying this, I'm sure you will experience longer and fuller [...]

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Beauty Balance Healing World of Pink

Beauty Balance Healing are all part of A World of Pink's mission. In the first place, a World of Pink was established by Christine A.Guarino, RDH, CMF to meet the needs of all Women in breast aftercare. Although Christine started working as a New York State Certified Dental Hygienist, she has since become a Certified Mastectomy Fitter. It is important to realize, Christine saw many of her patients and loved ones going through breast cancer. Also, Christine lived in Long Island which has one of the highest rates of breast cancer in the country. Moreover, her research led to her beginning A World of Pink. As Christine learnt there was not enough after care options for Patients following breast cancer treatment and surgery. With this intention, Christine created an environment to have patients following their procedures fit for breast prosthesis and supportive bras. Furthermore, a World of Pink is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Their aim is to provide Women with bras and breast prosthesis who don't have insurance. Additionally, they have launched a CrowdRise site for donations. Beauty Balance Healing Two years later and Christine has 2 locations on Long Island and over 500 patients. In addition, they have their own line of comfortable post-surgical bras and prosthesis to match a Women's skin color and lifestyle. Any Women who goes through a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or breast reduction surgery may feel out of touch or undesirable. It is a World of Pink's mission to provide Women the opportunity to restore their confidence in their body image. Shop Although a World of Pink sells products through several specialty stores, they also have an online store. You can shop in the comfort of your home at:  In addition, their online store is a source of convenience for anyone needing bras to stock up on. In addition, A World of Pink has teamed up with AnaOno to bring you a new bra - The Linda. This bra features: A three-step closure to help you dress easily. Pocketed cups to hold breast forms or modesty pads. Also, shirring detail which provides comfort. For comfort [...]

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Think Pink

Think Pink for the month of February and romance. Of course, this color is associated with feminine things.  Some of the associations with this color are: Bubblegum Flowers Babies Cotton Candy Little girls or... Big girls So anyone who knows me recognizes this is my favorite color. Since I was born on Valentine's Day, I've always had a love affair for this color. It started when I was a little girl and received my first Barbie doll. Pink Engagement Ring When my Husband and I  became more serious in our relationship and he was ready to take things to the next level; he realized I wasn't a traditional diamond gal - I wanted a pink diamond. My Husband knew I wanted at least 2 carats. When he found out a perfect one carat pink diamond was close to 7 figures he told me that wasn't going to happen. He suggested I shop on my own and let him know some styles I liked. After shopping several jewelry stores I went to Descenza Diamonds. I spoke with a Salesperson and explained what I wanted and she suggested a high quality pink sapphire. My Husband and I both worked with the Jeweler and my Husband proposed in 2004 with the perfect ring for me. He chose a 2.25 carat pink sapphire set in platinum with a half carat in diamond baguette on each side. For our 10 year Anniversary my Husband surprised me with a 5 carat Rose Quartz (Pantone's 2016 color of the year) ring set in 18 karat gold and a karat of diamonds over the stone. The ring my Husband selected for me for this special occasion is simply one of the most beautiful rings, I've ever seen. With my Birthday being Valentine's Day, my Husband always jokes that it is an expensive holiday for him.  I usually get beautiful pink roses similar to the ones featured above. Think pink for your significant other for Valentine's Day. Consequently, if your shopping for your husband or boyfriend consider a pink shirt or necktie. Also, I've bought my [...]

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