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Fashionable Patriotic Outfit Ideas

Are you looking for some fashionable patriotic outfit ideas to wear for the fourth of July? Of course, you don’t have to look like an American flag to show your spirit. […]

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National Wear Red Day February 1

National Wear Red Day is an important day to raise awareness of heart disease for Women. In fact, cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death for Women. […]

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Red White Blue Fashion Styles

With Memorial Day around the corner, are you looking to wear something red, white or blue? Not only is this day about honoring those who served in the military; but it is also a day to remember their courage in defending our country. For many, Memorial Day is the start of the Summer season. So, are you ready to show your patriotic spirit? […]

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National Wear Red Day February 2

Today is National Wear Red Day. First and foremost, the first Friday in February has been designated by the awareness campaign, “Heart Truth” to wear red in support of women’s heart health. […]

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Power Color Red

The Power color red is known for love, happiness and health.  The color red is one of three primary colors and known to provoke the most response.  In essence, the color is a warm color along with orange and yellow.  On the whole, it is an intense color known to get emotion from passion to violence.  The color is known as Cupid and the Devil - love and hate.  Some of the hue's color has a significance biologically.  For example, many get red in the face from increased blood when they are angry.  A flush of the color shows when embarrassed or shy about something.  In China, the color red means luck.  In Africa, the color refers to mourning and in Amsterdam, the color refers to sex in the red-light district. Of course, variations of the color mean different things.  Furthermore, the color is for high energy and aggression.  Stop signs and Traffic signs use this color as it is visible in the daylight and means stop.  Additionally, the color is on Fire Trucks and invokes an immediate response.  To me the color refers to passion, love and happiness.  Since my Birthday falls on Valentine's Day, I often wear this color on that day and throughout the month.  Hot Pinks and Pale Pinks are other variations of this color. In fact, many sports teams use this color in their uniform and logo showing sportsmanship and an eagerness to win.  Furthermore, the color is often in association with business settings and can be powerful in presentations.  Using the color as an accent on Web pages brings attention to the site.  In addition the color gets attention and is easily noticeable.   Using several shades of this color creates a powerful message. The most popular holidays use this color predominantly.  Of course, over the Christmas season this color can be shown in: Santa Claus Bows Tinsel Ornaments Decorations Gifts Jewelry Gift Wrapping Paper Poinsettia Flowers and Plants For Valentine's Day see this color in: Valentine cards Roses Tulips Carnations Jewelry Desserts This color is especially shown on Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the 4th of July Holiday. Power [...]

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