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Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers 2019

Bachelor in Paradise is back for its sixth season. Although this series has already wrapped; today’s post has spoilers and rumors of engagements. So, if you don’t want to know the conclusion; stop reading. […]

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I Cannot Live Without My………

I cannot live without… What are things you cannot live without? Of course, there are essential things no one can live without. Indeed, we all need air to breathe, water to drink and use, and food to eat.  […]

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Social Wellness Month July 2018

July is Social Wellness Month. In the first place, it is important to take care of yourself as well as grow and nurture your relationships with others. […]

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Married at First Sight Boston Finale

So, last Tuesday, April 24, Married at First Sight Boston concluded. This season’s experts came back to Boston for the reunion show to see how the couples were doing. To read more about this season, be sure to visit my Married at First Sight Boston post. […]

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National Loyalty Day May 2018

So, today is National Loyalty Day. In the first place, President Dwight D. Eisenhower issued a proclamation for this day in 1955. Since that time, it has been recognized for the heritage of American Freedom. Additionally, it is a reaffirmation of being loyal to the United States. Meanwhile, every President since Eisenhower has annually declared this day since 1958. No doubt, it will be interesting to see how President Trump honors this day. […]

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Arie Luyendyk Jr Final Rose Twist 2018

So the final rose episode was Monday night on Arie Luyendyk Jr’s season. When the season started, I wrote a post on Arie Luyendyk Season. And like other seasons; Reality Steve was already posting the winner before the season started. […]

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Random Acts of Kindness Day 2018

So today is Random Acts of Kindness Day. In the first place, make sure you celebrate this holiday by doing something nice today. Are you ready to make someone smile? Although today is a day this holiday is celebrated; I think every day should be a day of doing something nice for someone. […]

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Married First Sight Boston January 2018

Married at First Sight starts tonight. So, this season comes from Boston. Since this is coming from my neck of the woods; I’m excited to see how the series plays out. […]

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Conscious Living Positive Lifestyle

Today’s post is about some tips for conscious living and a positive lifestyle. As much as I can, I try to bring my consciousness into my life. If you are looking to change your lifestyle and make better decisions, than start today by turning over a new leaf. […]

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Intern Movie

Intern movie has been on my "Must See" list for the last several months.  Unfortunately, it took me some time, but this past weekend, my Husband and I had the opportunity to finally see this movie. Intern Movie This movie was set in a brownstone in New York.    With my passion for fashion, this movie had me hooked from the beginning.  Jules Ostin (played by Anne Hathaway) is the frazzled compulsive Founder of an expanding Fashion e-commerce site called About the Fit.  I loved Jule's character as she started this business at her kitchen table over a glass of wine and an iPad.  Jule's is trying to keep everything together by operating every position in her Company but the Investor's are getting antsy.  An Intern program begins at the Company and enter Ben Whittaker, played by Robert De Niro.  Ben shakes up his life by becoming an Intern where he quickly becomes indispensable. Initially Jule's doesn't utilize Ben's skills.  A messy desk that Ben organized and that begins the start of a friendship between Jules and Ben.  Ben is a gentle, kind older figure coming equipped with beautiful suits, shirt and tie and a handkerchief.  With Ben's insight he is able to share his wisdom and experience.  Jules begins to relax more around Ben and gets him more involved in the day-to-day operations.  As Ben becomes more and more important, Jules is able to relax her standards.  Throughout the movie there is an underlying theme of bringing in a CEO to structure the business.  As Jules meets potential CEO Candidates and her friendship blossoms with Ben, she begins to question things in her personal and professional life.  Throughout the movie, the one thing that resonates with me was Jules is a good person.   Jules wrestles with some personal and professional demons, however overcomes them through Ben's guidance and friendship. Review What I loved most about this movie was the beautiful friendship by these two characters.  While big pressures collide in the business world, maintaining one's heart was the overall message from this move.  The Intern is a must see for not only fashion lovers, but male and [...]

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