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Summer Vacation Travel Plans

Indeed, there is something nice about a Summer Vacation. So, if you’re deciding what to do; I have some places for you to check out. […]

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National Nothing Day January 16 2019

National Nothing Day is observed today. So, if you never heard about his day; it is a day that was created for everyone to sit around, celebrate or do nothing at all. […]

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National Bubble Bath Day January 8, 2019

National Bubble Bath is today! Of course, today is the perfect day to get out your bubble bath, light a candle and read a great book. […]

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Relaxation Romance Reboot Vacation

While relaxation is one of my goals for my upcoming vacation, I'm also hoping to return to my everyday life with a new purpose.  Since it feels good to get a lot accomplished, it also feels good to set aside some time to relax. Because 2015 was one of the worst years of my life, my Husband and I put off a Vacation for the year.  As we head to Aruba for the week, I'm looking forward to a relaxing romantic vacation to recharge my batteries.   While my first time to Aruba followed my wedding, it has since become one of my favorite places in the world. Aruba is known as one happy island.  Beautiful beaches, trade winds and friendly people are a reason to return often. Relaxation How many times do you wake up early and start working right away?  While many of us start our day checking email and messages, we go to bed doing exactly the same thing.  Relaxation leaves us the opportunity to leave everything behind.  First of all, napping and vacations boosts our productivity.  Of course - it also benefits our health. Relaxing protects your heart.  Studies have shown reducing our stress level is key to overall performance.  Relaxation helps you make better decisions. Romance Looking to reignite the spark of romance.  Getting away together offers you the time to retreat and get cozy.   Honeymooning in Aruba is where it all began for my Husband and I.   Vacations are known to improve your sex life.  Romantic vacations are sure to keep the flame burning. Reboot Time away gives you the opportunity to come back productive.  Due to the circumstances surrounding 2015, I'm looking forward to getting away.   Time is so important.  While we cannot increase the hours in the day, we can learn to take time to relax. Vacations are a positive reinforcement for many.   Sleep in, Stay up late, nap during the day and leave the stress behind.  The importance of vacation is to give us the opportunity to leave everyday things behind.  Furthermore, leave the work behind. When you return from [...]

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Vacation Getaway Without Guilt

Planning a vacation this Summer.  Getaway without guilt this season.  Even if you have been dieting, take a break while you're away.  Vacations shouldn't be stressful.  They are for fun, relaxation, sightseeing, rest and romance. While you're away, don't deprive yourself of eating and drinking.  The first rule about going away is trying new things.  Don't deprive yourself of sampling cuisine and cocktails from the place you're traveling to.  Follow these rules to have a guilt free vacation. Research First of all - begin research for the perfect destination for your vacation.  Find out about the accommodations, restaurants, sightseeing and beaches.  Almost anything you learn can help benefit you to make your plans go smoothly.  Another tip to consider is the more knowledge you have - the less time you will have to search for things to do once you arrive at your destination. Recreation Although it may not be part of your itinerary to participate in heavy physical activities, find something you enjoy doing.  If you're a fan of the beach, take an early morning walk.  Go somewhere that has fun things to do.  Whether you're planning to be outdoors, find a place that has a lot of outside activities.  Rain can dampen a vacation.  Locate a facility that has an indoor pool or gym.  Sightseeing, or visiting a museum, art gallery or shops are an alternative to do on a rainy day. Relax Vacations are to take time to relax and slow down.  Think about doing things that give you a chance to unwind.  Reading is a source of enjoyment for me when I'm vacationing.  Furthermore - nothing gives me more pleasure than being in a cool, shady area and getting lost in a good summer romance.  Visit my summer reading post for suggestions.  In addition - enjoy sampling new foods and beverages.  Don't worry about indulging. Reboot Vacations give you a fresh perspective.  Every time I go away, I come back refreshed and ready to dive into a project.  While on vacation, take the time to unwind.  Almost all trips are sure to bring you pleasure [...]

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National Coloring Book Day 2016

August 2, 2016 is National Coloring Book Day.  Especially relevant today, coloring is about relaxation.  Enjoy coloring today in the comfort of your home or find a coloring event to attend. Coloring isn't just for kids.  Because coloring has become popular for adults, it is easy to find a book to enjoy for hours. National Coloring Book Day Today is a day to relax and color.  Since today is National Coloring Book Day, it is easy to open a book and start coloring.  Hence find a spot in your home.  Get lost in a fun relaxing book. National Coloring book originated back in 1970.  Adult coloring books were created and so it began.  First off, Antique Automobiles was the first coloring book for Adults published.  Since that time, there have been new books introduced every year. While there are many choices available, find something that interests you.   Choices include: Automobiles Landscape Animals Designs Stress relieving patterns and designs Doodles Countries States Yoga and other exercises Fashion designs Fairy tales Sexual and fantasy Ocean designs Swear words Inspirational choices Ocean and sea creatures Therapeutic Benefits Since coloring is extremely therapeutic, it helps generate wellness and mindfulness.  Also, coloring has the same benefits of meditation.  Due to coloring being like Nirvana to the soul, it is no wonder of the popularity of this activity.  Creating moments of quietness has a calming effect on the brain.  Repetitive coloring helps someone reach a meditative state.  Furthermore, with so many therapeutic benefits of coloring for adults, it is time find a book. Shopping Recommendations Especially relevant is to find a book to transport you to a peaceful place.  Also coloring with music is a calm and relaxing option.  Featured below is a stress relieving book on coloring patterns, shapes and designs. Color your way to calm with the book featured below.  For the purpose of coloring, the Botanical Garden Adult includes colored pencils and a pencil sharpener. In conclusion, unleash your inner Artist today. Happy National Coloring Book Day!

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Spa Experience at Home

Plan a spa experience at home.  With a spare hour in the comfort of your own bathroom, you can treat yourself to a spa experience anytime. Set the Scene for Your Spa Find a room in your home where you will have peace and quiet. A bathroom would be an ideal room as you need water nearby. Bring objects like stones, plants, a basket to hold towels, and a small CD player. If you have a window that offers a view, take advantage of it. Additionally, a candle helps create a soothing mood. Preparation Make sure you have a good bath mat, several hand towels, washcloths, headband (I use a French terry headband and it keeps my hair out of the water and off my face) sponges, brushes, and loofah's. For the fun stuff, either bath salts or bubble bath and a fragrant soap.  To set the mood - the relaxing and therapeutic mood enhanced led light featured below has seven soothing colors. This is sure to set the scene for a soothing and calming spa experience.   Make a Mask or Buy a Facial Mask A spa day always includes a mask.  A recipe in mask masking to try is: combine 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, one tablespoon of honey and a half of teaspoon of jojoba oil in a bowl and mix all ingredients together. Another popular recipe for a mask is to combine half a cup of yogurt, half an avocado mashed and a quarter teaspoon of honey and mix all together. Let a mask sit for approximately twenty minutes before rinsing with warm water. If you're not ambitious to make a mask, the one  below is a good one to purchase. Featured below is a great set to bring into your bathroom for your spa experience. The basket featured below has all the offerings, including a spa pillow, bath salts, skin mask, and spa slippers. There is nothing I like more than soaking in my Jacuzzi tub, running the jets, dropping a color changing drop and reclining on a bath pillow. In fact, the one featured [...]

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Pampering Moments

Pampering moments of indulgence is something we all need in our lives. When I need a day or a moment of indulgence; one thing I treat myself to regularly is blow dry appointments, a manicure or pedicure on a regular basis. There is something relaxing about not having to wash and style your hair and have it done for you. Pampering Moments of indulgence suggestions are: Manicure - Indeed, there is something relaxing about going to a nice Nail Salon and having a manicure. Pedicure - I love having a pedicure. Of course, there is nothing like a good leg massage. Blow Dry - Who doesn't like to have their hair washed and styled? Chocolate -  A good boost to satisfy a sweet tooth. Wine - A glass of wine is the perfect ending to a day. Jewelry -  Diamonds are a girls best friend. Pearls, Gemstone, Crystal or gold is sure to put a smile on your face. Spa - A day of pampering is indulgent and good for you.  You come out feeling relaxed and ready to go. 5 Star Hotel - Staying in a top hotel that caters to your needs and has everything available for you. Flowers - The smell of something fresh is sure to perk you right up. Beach - Whether walking on a beach or sitting on a beach relaxing and taking in the sunrise or sunset is something we should all try and do regularly. Take a nap.  See my prior post on power naps. There is something indulgent about escaping for a short time and taking a power nap. Dine Out - Have someone serve and prepare food in a top restaurant. Special Dessert - Nothing better than a taste of something decadent. Pampering moments of indulgence are important to each of us in different ways. In fact Everyone has different lifestyles and needs. In conclusion, let me know what you like to do and find important as a pampering moment to indulge in? I especially look forward to hearing some of my readers ideas as I shared some of my favorite pampering [...]

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Power Nap

Of course, a Power Nap will boost your memory, cognitive skills, creativity, and energy. Power Nap In the United States, we are known to be more sleep deprived. However, a nap doesn't make up for poor sleep habits.  Also, a short nap can help improve your mood. By resting for a short amount of time you can become more alert and perform better. Tips for a short terms nap are:  20-30 minutes are recommended for short-term alertness. Try to eliminate the amount of noise by closing doors or windows. Close shades, curtains or blinds to keep light from extending in. Keep the room temperature comfortable. Try to take a nap in the earlier part of the day. Wear an eye mask. So, the benefits of taking a power nap are: Can restore alertness and performance. Reduces mistakes and accidents. Naps can be a luxury. Provides a way to get relaxation and rejuvenation. Reduces fatigue. Nap Time The ideal length of time for a power nap varies from person to person. A good time recommended is between 10 and 20 minutes. However, if you sleep longer, sometimes a deeper stage of sleep can begin leading you to feel disoriented. Moreover, times associated with naps for maximum productivity are: 10-20 minutes are easy to wake up from and provide an energy boost. 30 minutes can cause grogginess. one hour - short-term memory improves but some grogginess. one hour and 30 minutes is known to cause rapid eye movement, dreams and creativity is known to improve. In general, power naps don't affect night-time sleep quality for most people. Of course, I'm a big fan of getting in a power nap after a stressful day or when I feel I need a little downtime. Usually, I  find when I wake up I'm ready to go and re-energized to begin a project. Short naps generally don't affect nighttime sleep quality for most people Health Benefits If your work schedule deviates from the normal 9 to 5 day, it is effective to take naps.  By taking naps during the day your able to function better at an off-shift [...]

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